What happens if Jobe wins it again?


Or, I guess the question is, is it possible?


If all things were theoretically normal, we know he would be polling very strongly.


But of course, this season is very, very much not normal. 


Do you think the umpires would conspire to blacklist him from getting any votes? I mean, they still have to award them, don't they? Do we think that this could become an issue when the ceremony comes around? 


Could you imagine the uproar if he did win it, even though there's really no reason why he wouldn't be a legit winner? Would he be booed on stage?


What if points got stripped, then who gets the votes? Are they null and void?


Just some things I've been mulling over all day.

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Goddard may be the smokie. Just saying.


But I doubt I will watch it having to sit through the fat, wanker poorly read the names from the envelopes for 3 hours.

Naïvely, you would expect Jobe to pick up more votes because it’s now impossible to not notice any possession he gets.
But we know umps can be corrupt* (Hird vs WCE, 2004).
I’m very confident Watson will get love from the crowd at the Brownlow.
* please be clear that I’m accusing all three of them as being corrupt. It’s OK to say that; it’s not OK to say only one of the three is thus inflicted.

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Take our points and we should boycott. Or go there and get completely smashed and make the afl look bad


Is it in Perth this year?

He should poll lots of 2's and 3's. Unfortunately it's seemingly impossible for anyone to win back-to-back brownlows after Judd missed it in 2011 and Ablett still only has 1. So you never know what the umps are thinking.


GAJ has had less than 30 touches four weeks in a row now. Not a bad stat, just shows how high his standards are.


He's still got it in the bag though.

Junior is so far in front it would be over by Round 20.

I still reckon Ablett will win despite the past 4-5 bad games he's had. Don't think he'll pull 1 vote from any of them.


Hate to say it, but Dane Swan will get mighty close. Always gets 30+ and a couple of goals. Let's hope Pendles takes some off him.


Selwood also will be top 3 IMO. Has a great 5-6 games lately and of course a good start to the year.


Jobe will still finish top 6-7 despite missing 3 games.

Yeah, my money’s on Selwood.

Would love our players to boycott the brownlow if we are stripped if points. Have a function at hirdys place with camera man and Luke Darcy there to interview jobe, Goddard and heppell if required.

Selwood will win it.


I would bet my house on Ablett 

Sellwood for me. Had some poor games, but his good games have been very good.