Bullants coming back- VFL

Good chance Bullants are coming back as stand alone. Still details to iron out as no-one know what VFL will look like next year.
Would love to see the old Preston Bullants back. Growing up a stones throw from Preston Oval they were my second team. Plenty of great people have graced PCO over the years… including our own Dr Bruce Reid. Killed me when they aligned with ■■■■ Carlton.



Frankston has just cleared its long-standing debt and are putting up lights at their ground to allow AFLW games to be telecast from there. Hopefully a few of the old time VFA clubs are able to make it out onto the park in 2021 - their communities need them.


Yep… a lot of history in these clubs. 130 years +

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Wish the Redlegs would come back.

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Yeah. They folded just as I was really getting into footy.

Fair enough I was prob too young. I was really into the VFA in the mid- late 90’s. Think Dandenong was done by then. Plenty of great memories watching VFA on TV on a Sunday.

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I remember the glory days of the early 80s. The cool kids spot was in the large peppercorn tree at the far end of the grandstand. I got involved on the fringes of the cheer squad and even got to help hold the run thru, for a winning grand final.
Such brilliant memories.

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I’d love it if the VFL was a tiered competition, it’d be awesome to see all the suburban teams battling it out in promotion/relegation battles


The VFA used to have two divisions. Bottom of D1 would be relegated and the premiers from D2 would be promoted. Suffice to say teams drifting towards the bottom of D1 didn’t tank and those at the top of D2 fought like buggery to win the flag.

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I don’t wish to be the prophet of doom but we may continue to have COVID 19 flare ups well into 2021, so the way the VFL is structured with finances being dictated by fundraising, gate receipts, sponsorship etc there may not be a VFL competition in 2021.

Yeah true. Even without an outbreak VFL format is up in the air

Bring back Prahran too!