Burning Jealousy - 11th in 2018 to flag in 2019

The only acceptable feeling for Bomber players, supporters and the entire EFC family right now should be burning fcking jealousy.

Tigers came from nowhere and won the flag last year.
Pies have come from nowhere (13th in 2017) and are in a granny.

Where will we finish in 2019 and what do we really need to do to win enough games and leap from 11th in 2018 to a flag in 2019?


Mids, mids and more mids. Until we fix that issue we will continue to paddle like a one armed man.


We need to keep our project players for longer. Like till they’re 45. Sure path to success


Melbourne will win the flag this year and St kilda next year

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So jealous and so annoyed.

We’re good enough to be here doing this. We farked rounds 2-8 and it cost us a shot at it. And shots don’t come easy.


Disagree, our mids is fine. I really think our backs are the ones we need to settle. I reckon injuries to that end really cost us through out the season.

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We’re not good enough. We don’t have the midfield. Collingwoods speed, pressure and two way running would have destroyed us tonight.


Humour is good & slightly helpful, however, I am in a ropable mood right now. Super angry. Could be my hatred of the Pies shining through. Flashbacks of the 1990 granny. Worst game I have ever attended. Will never forget looking around the G that day at all the nuffies going wild. Trauma revisited. We need to let tonight burn inside. It’s predominantly upstairs for mine. Play hard, passionate footy. Have a real desire to win and anything can happen.


Being saying it sine 2007…lol…Dodo just doesn’t get it.

I agree. Get more mids. NOW

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Our midfield isn’t a patch on Collingwood’s.
Put a Sidebottom, Pendlebury or Adams type into our midfield mix and we would be playing next week


I’ll preface by saying, you’re damn right I’m burning with a mixture of jealousy and depression. I’ve never seen any form of success in my adult life, when I was 9 we had a unbeatable season but since then…at least most of you boomers can remember something, I have nothing other than watching all these sh*t kicking teams that we all laughed at when we were young win finals and premierships in feel good stories of rags to riches. Yeah, I feel fckn great watching another shittkicker team stroll past us, the best part of the whole season is trade season because I can laugh at some gifs.

And people tell me there’s more to life than football…yes, unless you utterly deluded obviously that is true, but I’d love to have more to life AND have my team win a final and enjoy that aspect instead of wetting our panties over a half a dozen exciting wins each year and falling apart mentally in the big games. No finals wins for 15 years, fck me dead


I’ve got two words
â– â– â– â–  COLLINGWOOD

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Yes. This is how we should all feel, especially the players. I hope they are sitting at home tonight and simmering with anger. Look at our first 8 weeks and the body language of the players and compare it with the rest of our season. We had a real crack. Went in hard, tackled like possessed beasts at times, and won more games than we lost. Why weren’t we switched on early doors? Still gelling as a side? Really need to hit the preseason hard and come out breathing fire from R1 next year.

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The line of thinking in the match day thread that this could have just as easily been us is so so so wrong.

Our midfield is miles off. Not maybe in terms of personnel, but in terms of fitness, commitment and selflessness. We don’t need one player who pressures and tackles like Smith, we need 12.


The middle is the engine room, however Essendon recruiters just cannot seem to grasp that fact.

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It seems like the formula is to hate on our coach for a couple of years and wait for them to magically get better all of a sudden. So uh, SACK WOOSHA I suppose.

-edit- don’t tell me how to feel btw

Couldn’t have said it better, spot on.

Please elaborate. How do you feel then?

I hope our players have the same burning jealousy, as I want them to use it to rise up the ladder in a big way next year!