Calder Cannons v Western Jets - a look at some EFC VFLW-listed players

So out at Crazyburn for Cannons v Jets.

Crowley just marked forty out. Fell short but Prespakis roves and hooks a goal over her shoulder.

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Gillard is first ruck. Had a lovely tap to the back of the pack earlier.

Friswell collects and snaps the goal from thirty out. It’s all coming up EFC.

Yassir is short but solid. More inside than Prespakis so far. Two heavy tackles laid by her.

Prespakis has no left boot but did a very effective banana kick down the ground to get a ball off under pressure.

Prespakis strong contested mark. She kicks forty metres easily.

Match is even but Cannons are kicking goals and the Jets are kicking points.

Cannons 2.0.12 lead Jets 0.2.2 at quarter time.

EFC-listed players not out there today: Meyers and Lennox.

Gillard on bench for an extended time? Doesn’t start this quarter.

Yassir also started that quarter on the bench.

Prespakis looking to dispose before she has the ball; fails to pick it up.

Just checking if anyone else is allowed to post in here


Prespakis has 38 Montana Ham on her, who is 10cm taller and at least as heavily built. They’re both backing themselves to win it. Ham did a bullet 40m pass just then.

Yassir is a tackling machine. Stops bigger people dead in their tracks.

Gillard is back on; 190cm and casually picks one up from her toes.

Gillard gets another ball at ground level and feeds it out.

No good asking DJR! He’s too busy typing his little fingers to the bone! :roll_eyes:


Crowley is 175cm (i.e. taller than our backup ruck Stepnell) but is slender and plays like a medium forward. Has some class.

Someone not listed for Essendon kicks a goal for Calder. The inside fifty was by Prespakis.

(EDIT: goal kicker was 25 Magri)

Western are hilariously not converting many chances.

And I’m only watching five of the players!