Can this 2018 Team be as good as 2000? Nope!

I watched the 2000 GF last night, and marvelled at the strength, skill and toughness of our Team.

I have tried to do a player comparison but it is tough, as 2000 had so many Champions. Can man for man, the current squad reach these heights ? Interested to here your views



good lord.


I kinda think we need to let go of 2000 a bit. It’s a supremely underachieving side that should have had a 3 peat. All these comparisons do nothing except build up the boys to fail. Like ch7s coverage of the Olympics.


2000 was the most dominant season by a team I’ve ever seen. I see more 1993 in this group than 2000, and really if you look at the last 2 premiers, they were unfancied teams that played their best football at the right time of the year and weren’t necessarily the best team throughout the course of their premiership years. We are in a group of about 6-8 clubs who would be thinking they can make a run at it if they stay healthy and play their best footy come finals. 2000? As much as I’d love it, I don’t see any club in the AFL right now looking that far superior to the rest…


2018 defence : Boy scouts.
2000 defence: SAS


Except if you look at the squad from 1998 and see how they developed with experience and belief, I think you can consider the current squad in the same way.

Watching the GF replay and games from that year, while we had skill and talent in the forward line, it was the midfield toughness and domination that got the ball moving.

Sadly, this is at the core of what’s been wrong with this club for 15 years…

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The 2000 team was filled with aggressive nasty players, we barely have any.

Plus the players in 2000 were miles better than our current team


Who would you replace from the 2000 side with a 2018 player?

Hurley for Wallis

Merrett for Moorcroft

and then…

the 2000 side would slaughter the 2018 side. As for 1998 vs 2018, well let’s see what they do over the next 2 - 3 years. It’s there, as in being a premiership side, but they have a long way to go.


â– â– â– â– â– â–  norah

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That really is one of the nastiest back lines of all time.

My intial tight was potentially yes, but then I read the 2000 team. We got a long way to go


The game has changed to much to compare, Matthew Lloyd would be a HFF in our 2018 team.

Jake Stringer would’ve been the best player in the comp in 2000.

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I was a kid in 2000 so I don’t have a good recollection of team but Long seems to be the only player who could run fast in the 2000 side?

I do remember the toughness of Soloman, Hardwick and M. Johnson very well, though - Soloman and M. Johnson were my favourite players during that era.

I am not sure if the 2000 backline could contain the 2018 forward line?

Hmm, I would still have him at FF.

Orazio, Daniher, Stringer
Walla, LLoyd, Stewart (or pick your 6th man).

The 2000 midfield wouldn’t let the ball get into the 2018 forward line.


I’m not old enough to actively remember 2000, but there’s just no way the current side is as tough, fierce or ruthless, nor does it have as much class.

Also doesn’t leak goals at an alarming rate and much better defensively. No disrespect to the 2018 group, but it’d probably get beaten hands down

Let’s not forget that 2000 Premiership was bookended by 2 great eras.
The end of the NM one, and the start of Brisbane.

Those were 2 great sides and we needed some luck in order to win all 3.
Don’t lose Hird and Lucas in '99, and have Hird and Mercuri close to 100% fit in 2001 GF, then maybe we could have 3peated.

It’s a big call though, when you have genuine challengers.
I personally think the Hawks got lucky with their 3 in a row.


I’m bumping this thread after Richmond does us by 10 goals in the JLT.


Fletcher on Joedan
Wallis on Hooker
Wellman on Stewart
MJ on Raz
Hardwick on Walla
Solomon on Stringer.

They’d cover them pretty well, and way better than any current AFL defence would