Caption This!

hurley wears hat whilst training

Lol. Forgot about that epitomy of sports reporting.

Hurley - “That press conference you gave really wasn’t in shorts was it? You pulled your pants up to here!”

Here’s the lost moral authority to coach the playing group! You must have lay on it on the couch.

WADA you doing tonight?

And then he said “compunction”!!!

Seriously no ■■■■… unless of course…

You know if you were Barrett … and I was Gil… my hand would be fair up your ■■■■!

And then McDevitt said ‘All you have to do is plead guilty’!

" Hey Hirdy! Is that Homer Simpson in red budgie smugglers standing next to you to your right?"

“Hey Hirdy, you reckon you’ll pick Hardingham this week?”

Hurls, “Let me get those new knives out for you mate … this ones got a tiny handle …”

Together …“DAMO"S???” … Bwah ha …

Hey Hirdy… FARK CARLTON!!!

" That stuff that you gave me, that you took a while back, worked a treat with the missus. I was like this all night"