Caption This!

“Punch buggy no returns”

Essendon experimenting with players health again. Hird looking at grafting himself onto players arms.

Hurley with another missed attempt at a spoil

And then I drove it straight into the Yarra…

Hurley tells Hird to get a haircut

Hurley: Im touching GREATNESS!


“Tag you’re it”

hurley wears hat whilst training

‘when I was a forward, I tried to mark the ball like this.’

What the camera failed to pick up is that to the left of screen is Paul Little. Pulling Hurley’s finger.

“Watch what happens when I name you in the forward line. Half the blitzers will think it’s true”

“And then I said Nah Jake, I reckon you’d make an awesome forward mate, we should swap ends, you’ll love it.”

“Where’d they inject you, here?”

“Careful Hurls, Tania will get jealous.”

But seriously, what a great photo!

Tell me again how you were going to job Whatley.

Kitchey kitchey Koo

“Does it Tickle if I Do This??”

“Touch me where you’d like to play, Hurls. Ok, back it is. And here comes Buckets, trying to get a feel for the forward zone again…”

Or maybe they are saying.

Our fabric isn’t satin, it’s 100% Kanga-proof steel. Fri-7:15pm-Etihad. Special pregame lights out laser show on ground. Opt Out STOP 0447249387

Pretty sure it is actually a satin it sateen weave

‘Hird looks like he has lost the confidence of players’

The unnamed one.