I didn’t think they were going to be needed but after reading all the posts on a FB Expanda group I’m going to order them shortly.

Have you taken yours for a few runs?

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I picked it up from Phillip island and drove it back to Berwick and that’s it. We are book in for a week end of January for our first trip in it. I’m just getting her all ready. I could park the eagle in the garage but the expanda won’t fit so going to put it into storage when we are not using it. Good thing is it will be easier to do the weekend trips now with less time to set up. I take it yours is an expanda, have you used it yet?

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We haven’t even seen it yet. It’s ordered and currently on track for April delivery. Hopefully it turns up on time as we’re planning on doing a half lap around July.

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That must be frustrating waiting. My wife might be getting a job at Jayco after Christmas. I will get her to tell them to get a move on :smile:

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That’d be awesome. Let her know that I’ll sort her out with a couple of fried eggs if she does.:grinning:

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Fark me some people need to learn caravan park etiquette, don’t walk through other people’s sites, especially if there is a big farkin dog there, not my dog but witnessed a couple of kids nearly get rippped apart by a malamute.

Maybe don’t take vicious dogs to van parks? Is that what you’re saying?

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No not vicious at all but very surprised and spooked that some strangers nearly stepped on him.

How old the kids, and were they with adults?

Don’t know mate 11 or 12, no adults but plenty of roads to go around, not through the sites to the bouncy pillow and swings.

Ok. Can’t lay too much blame on kids that age. Maybe the parents have told them what not to do, maybe not. Glad nobody got hurt

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Campers are the worst of the worst. It’s all about getting out and enjoying the great outdoors, but for whatever reason they just treat the whole campground as THEIR public space.

Well certainly not my experience but whatever, maybe choose better campgrounds/van parks and just be more respectful, my 6yo old certainly knows not to be walking through people’s sites/camps.


I do remember as cheeky kids in the 70s sneaking into some oldie’s site to drop a little whitebait in their kettle :smile::thinking:


I think it’s the place we camp. It’s the same families every year that cause the problems.

The most annoying is that they seem to always head to the shower block ‘as the crow flies’ rather than walking along the road/path. So if your camp site is in the way, you just get idiots wandering through, but they also pretend to be invisible and pretend you’re not sitting right there.

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We finally got to take our new to us caravan away. After upgrading from a Jayco eagle to an Expanda, we are loving the extra space and quicker set up.


How long is set up time on the van?

I’m getting older and thinking about changing from camper trailer to van.

Takes me an hour to set up the camper.

2013/14 did the lap. Was on the road for 15 months. Epic time
23 ft Jayco basestation and Jeep Grand Cherokee. Both were awesome
Had never towed before apart from box trailer so did a caravan towing course which was handy!
Now the van is gone and I’m back to swagging it and camping out of the back of the ute. I enjoy the simple life these days


The pop up roof is 1minute, the 2 bed ends are a couple of minutes each end. Roll out carefree awning is a couple of minutes but we have anti flap kit and curved roof rafters which takes a bit longer but not much. The expander has so much room for storage which makes it so much easier. We can leave everything in the van.


Fantastic mate, looks a great setup.

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