Thank you for the great write up, I’m thinking about ditching my van and grand Cherokee for a more bush type setting and reading lots of reviews, very hard to find anything bad out there about cub, I really like this model. 2013 spacevan escape, this one is for sale for $14850.

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The escape looks good, obviously you need something for more than 2 people. You won’t find too many Cherokees in the outback, Jeep doesn’t have a great reputation in reliability.
Probably the only downside to the cubs is camping in cold or rainy weather. Unless you have an internal heater, they can get a bit chilly inside. Great for warm weather camping, which really is the only time you want to go camping anyway.

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Touch wood but the GJC has actually been very good, there is a big cost to keep them good though, lots of changed out parts and hoses and things like that, and being a diesel I put new good quality oil into it every 8000 kms.

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After a few stressful months, we finally have a ute and van. Ford can jam it. They stuffed us around right until the time I cancelled our order.

The DMax came all set up. Canopy, bullbar, drawers, spare battery and GVM upgrade.

Jayco were fantastic. Kept us informed along the way and van turned up on time. Thankfully, as we only have a few weeks before heading off up the guts.

I can’t wait.


Looks like a great setup. How long are you away for?

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Support Jayco and you are helping Gerry Ryan to continue to bankroll Australian road cyclists, including the Jayco training base in Italy


Have a work colleague who is seriously thinking of telling Ford to jam it.
Ordered the new Ranger Raptor and paid the small deposit fee. Original delivery time was October 2024. About a month ago he was told it was delayed until January 2025 and price has gone up by $1800 due to “costs” then on Thursday he gets another call saying delayed until June 2025 and cost has gone up a further $3k. He is seriously considering canning the order

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I wouldn’t be considering it I’d have done it. Awesome setup @Klawdy hope you guys have a blast.

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I’ve written 3 replies to this from an explosion proof bunker. Hence nothing being posted.

We’re gone for 13 weeks. Will come down the East cost. Will tackle the West in 3 years time.

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When I cancelled, old mate said “So what are we going to do with the canopy and bullbar?”. I replied for them to flog it off for more than what I was paying. “Not everyone wants that configuration” was his reply. I told him that’d I’d been searching for the last month and yes, people do want that configuration, so stop being a flog and give me my deposit back.

They did.


Sounds amazing. You’ll need to post updates.

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Thanks legend. It’s definitely not something that I’d pondered 18 months ago. But super pumped now.

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Fantastic @Klawdy . You’ll have a great time. Set up looks great. Have a close friend who can’t speak highly enough about his DMax.
We’re on the road - currently at Karumba, but heading south today then off to Darwin. We’re with friends and having a ball. So much to see and do, beautiful, amazing, magical places and have met fantastic people along the way (who we keep running into at our next stops😆).


Aaarrhhhh I’m so jealous, great spot Karumba, are you guys doing the Savannah way across to Darwin?

Awesome @loyalandproud! I can’t wait to hit Karumba. Did you do any fishing?

Great setup there. Congratulations.

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No, we’re heading down to the newly renovated Quamby pub today then across to the Stuart and up to Darwin. We’re not set up for 4WD stuff - lot of roads up here still closed due to recent flooding also.

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No fishing but have enjoyed some great seafood here.

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We’ve been on the road for 6 days now. Everyone has coped pretty well considering some fairly long days in the car (my son gets bored 20 mins into the hour long drive to Melbourne).

Drove from Geelong to Ararat/Tailem Bend/Port Augusta/Coober Pedy and now Erldunda.

The weather around Adelaide was horrendous. The winds through the hills had myself chock full of anxiety. Thankfully, the Dmax and the Expanda did it with barely a wobble.

Coober Pedy just bucketed for about 30 hours. So that was a bundle of red slush fun.

I’ve never travelled the Stuart before but man, it was a dream so far. What a great road.

Ok some noob caravanning issues cropped up. I left my water hose fitting on the tap at Port Augusta. Thankfully, a kindly gentleman next door here had a spare.

I woke up this morning thinking it was raining again and went back to sleep. Nope. When i got up some guy was investigating a puddle around our van. Our hose had blown off at the van end and had been spraying everywhere. Someone had eventually shut it off. I’ll have to add hose fittings to the already extensive checklist.

Off to Uluru today. Everyone is more excited than Kurt Aylett after beating Brisbane.


I do this every single time I pack up