Cate Blanchett's uncle

Was it Jeff Gamble?

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Super sleuth you!
According to Wiki his sister is Cate’s mum

Does that mean she barracks for us? :slight_smile:

From Wikipedia:

Jeff was the Uncle of Film Star Cate Blanchett through his sister, June and also provided the inspiration to Kevin Andrews, who composed the Essendon Club Song on the Kitchen Table of his Parents, Horace and Rosalie Jean Gamble.

Number 22. From what I remember (he finished playing just before my time started), his promising career as a key defender was cut short by a leg injury.

Finished 1960.
In the history of the club his loss to the club through injury is close to that of Neale Daniher

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Played 90 games for Essendon

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Sad if he had a premature end due to injury as he probably missed out on at least one flag ('62) and maybe two.

Maybe she can give a talk to the players in how to be elite at their profession.

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Jeff Gamble played centre half back in the 1957 grand final against Melbourne. Had his best season in 1958 finishing sixth in the brownlow. Then did his knee in 1959. Only played a few games in 1960 , then gave it away.

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Oh well, that’s the Gamble you take, I guess.

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I can’t wait until the next Oscar season, and people say “Did you hear, Jeff Gamble’s niece is up for another award!”


If confirmed Cate bleeds red and black, all in favour that she’s the number one ticket holder for our AFLW program?


The wikipedia page is interesting for Gamble.

He provided the inspiration for the clubs theme song.

Too many sad sycophantic history revisionists. Can’t have anyone using “Aussie Rules” or “footy”!

At least the ABC’s equivalent image didn’t lie about what she said.


Great footballer. I remember him well. Tall with curly blonde hair, so blonde it was nearly white. Very good mark, strong kick. As @Alan_Noonan_10 said above, his number was 22. I couldn’t tell you who has had that number since then… - it’s always been Jeff Gamble’s number in my mind.

I was at the GF defeat against Melbourne as a kid. We should have won, but it wasn’t Jeff’s fault we lost. A tragedy he had to retire early. These days he’d have a knee reconstruction and play on for another eight or nine years.

Someone who knows the Club head honchos should get them to present Cate Blanchett with the No.1 ticket. It’d make a good media event…


Hello…? Billy Duckworth?

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Tasmanians are nutters

Hurley was good in 22.

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Lol yep. My dad played a great part of his footy career on Queenie oval. Not only is it gravel but it’s surrounded by an asphalt bike track in between the oval and the fence.