Celebrity Deaths 2018


10 years ? Geeze. My mate was right when he said the older you get ,the quicker the years go .

  I agree . He was on his way to being a big star .


Apart from Batman, what else was he good in? I can’t think of one.


He should have won a Oscar for Brokeback Mountain.


Two Hands was a fair dinkum ripper Aussie fillum. There was one bit that I thought was overdone, but a good early movie for Rose Byrne too.


Ten Things is decent, and I’d be worried about anyone who didn’t enjoy A Knight’s Tale.


Have to agree on this. Wasn’t a huge fan of his movies TBH but he was definitely talented


I remember driving a few years after his died listening to the radio and they played this clip form a bible belting yank going on about how he deserved to die because cowboys weren’t (slur for gay/ bundles of sticks/ colloquial term for cigarette). almost turned off the road was that stunned people were that dumb.


I’m far more scared of religious people than gays


Ursula Le Guin, age 88.

Legendary fantasy author of Earthsea and Left Hand of Darkness.




Get some culture up ya, AN10.


Fantasy would be Anti Culture tbf …


I’ve tried. Won’t be trying again. Feckin’ shyte.


Mark E. Smith from The Fall has signed off, as has trumpeter Hugh Masekela.

The ranks continue to thin.


Interesting that O’Reardons death they’re saying was due to the same drug found in Prince’s system after his passing.

Man I miss Prince


Lay off the Oxycontin.


The one where medieval crowds are singing along to Stadium Rock songs? That irritated me.


I get that.


Not really a celeb, but he was famous amongst my crowd. Warren Miller died last Wed. He was a film maker specialising in snow/ski/boarding and anything to the extreme.


Knew his work well, … was a big part of my teens and 20’s.

93 is not a bad innings though, … we should all be so lucky, eh?

Didn’t do much, … only involved in about 70 films from the 1950’s until just last year.