Celebrity Deaths 2018

Dolores O’Riordan, lead singer of Irish band The Cranberries, has died suddenly aged 46

Oh no.
We were just singing Cranberries songs over new year’s.
Great voice.
And a great album.


That sucks. Amazing voice.


That has made me legitimately upset. And I very rarely get upset over celebrity deaths.

Except for Belinda Emmett that was pretty sad.

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Just listened to this before. Genuine lump in my throat.

RIP Delores O’Riordan. Thanks for some wonderful music.


Vale Dolores. Amazing voice.

Zombie is an odd song.
Also, number one here and not charting in the US?
Well, we do love a vague protest song.

Linger is so friggin’ beautiful.
There’s a lazy line that bugs me though. Can’t think of it right now, but her diction deserts her for a moment.
I don’t want to say the Cranberries sound is completely…original or unprecedented. There’s a bit of Sundays there.

But Linger, Dreams, Ode, has there ever been someone who harmonises so well with themselves?
Just gorgeous.

I kind of hate that it takes a death for me to go back and listen.


All this time I thought The Cardigans performed ‘Zombie’.


Would make more sense, musically.

And I don’t like it when my 1971 alumni die suddenly.

One of my sister’s musical crushes, too.
So a bit of vicarious loss.

Very depressing song.

Without sadness there can be no happiness.
There can be, like, no, it’s 25 degrees and no cloud in the sky at 9:15 and I have no work for the next three days and that’s awesome.

Or something.
Or not.


Liked her at the Cranberries.
My favourite song though is this one she did solo:

We were just talking about this last Sunday night - comparing Harriet Wheeler from The Sundays with Dolores.

Then out of over a few thousand songs on my iPhone, Ode came on my stereo on the way to work on Monday.

And then today’s news.

Weird how things like that happen.


Very weird.

Not sure he’s a real celebrity but one of the earliest black players in English soccer, Cyrille Regis, has died just short of 60.

Played mainly for West Brom and Coventry.

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Won the hottest 100 in 95 too. My how music has totally turned to ■■■■ in the years that came after it.


10 years today since Heath Ledger passed.

Could have been an all time great.

Such a massive loss.