Celebrity Deaths 2019

Sad. Was one of my fav drummers - a drumming titan. R.I.P.

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This was the first thing I saw on the net when I woke up this morning.

Just shattered…he was an absolute legend.

Now I know I’ll never get to see Rush live. :cry:

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Awesome ‘technique’ drummer. Watched a doco on Rush recently. He explained was very much a private person and devoted to his family.

Had a nice cameo on one of my fav shows when it was out back in high school, sadly this won’t work for him :frowning:

Sad news.
I was fortunate to see Rush live in Vancouver on the Roll the Bones tour, maybe 1993/4.
Bucket list moment.
Stunning virtuoso drummer in power trio of virtuosos.
Some artists/musicians are instantly recognizable due to their technique, sound or style, Neil was one of those rare beasts.


It feels like I’ve been hit by a truck.

I spent years of my life wanting to be him; emulating everything about him. Maybe he wasn’t the best drummer who ever lived, but he was close, and during a very important time in my life, he was the only one that mattered.

Suddenly the world feels like a very unfamiliar place today.


This time of year seems to be a dangerous time for Rock’n Roll legends.

In recent years we’ve lost.

Rowland s Howard (The Birthday Party)
Ron Asheton (The Stooges)
Lemmy Kilmister (Motörhead)
Stevie Wright (The Easybeats)
David Bowie
Neil Peart (Rush)

Yep. Mike Portnoy and he were up in the top 5 for me.

Seems that Neal’s death has flushed out more than a few drummers on Blitz. Maybe need our own thread!


Very sad news.


Ha! I would also use ‘■■■’ in the High Scores list. And to mix things up, would sometimes go with ‘■■■’ ‘COC’ ‘TIT’ ‘SUK’ ‘VAG’ ‘SAC’ ‘■■■’ or ‘LIK’.


How did you do that when Space Invaders didn’t have a high score list, just the Highscore,

Maybe it was Galaxian?

I was a fan of “FKU”.


Nope :grin: Galaga Yes!

Edit There was a clone bootleg version of Space Invaders called “Space War Part 3” released in 1978 that allowed you to enter your name after completing the first wave. It allowed 6 letters so you could of broadened your vocabulary a lot more than the above suggestions.

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Christopher Tolkien has passed away at 95.

There’s a 2020 thread


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