Celebrity Deaths 2019

Mean Gene Okerland the greatest ring announcer (even better than Lillian Garcia) in WWF history passed away at age 76

I remember him many years ago as Super Dave on Letterman. He was hilarious. Marty Funkhouser will go down as a great comedy character.


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That sucks, always loved mean gene

I laughed so much at the Marty Funkhouser joke that he told Jerry Seinfeld in curb.


They’re filming season 10 too I believe so that will be tough on the crew as well as obviously his family and friends.


(I can’t actually see what date Mean Gene tapped out, but we’ll assume 2019.)

Super Dave Osborne was a frequent guest on the Clive James show.

And is Albert Brooks’s (Broadcast News) brother.

Mean Gene at his best

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I liked ‘Mean Gene’ and Marty Funkhouser. That scene where he went all hyper-jew at the Palestinian chicken joint is a classic.


The ‘Do that to me one more time’ Captain

Yep, Albert Brooks’ real name is actually Albert Einstein.

I guess I’d change it too.

You wouldn’t need to be Einstein to work that out.

Hoges had a character like Super Dave. Not sure which came first.

Marty Funkhouser is the best

And I agree this is his finest moment:


Thanks for the kind words guys


I’ve not heard of him, but he’s made the news so just have some sort of celebrity status.

I think one of the things that makes that scene work is that it’s probably the first time Jerry has heard this and his reaction is genuine

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You still owe me 50 dollars

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Leo Wanker?

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Such a great show

Jerry did his celebrities in cars having coffee show or whatever it’s called and had Einstein on and they both said they loved that the first take of that joke was the one they used