Changes for Bin Chickens

I need to move on so here we go.

what i’d like

In: Baldwin, Voss, Menzie, mass, tsatas
out: rids (inj), stringer(inj), redman (inj), snelling, cox

Kelly baldwin Lav
Mass zerk Mcgrath

durham parish martin
bryan tsatas perkins

merrett voss caldwell
phillips wright menzie

hepp, hobbs, tsatas guelfi - hind

what we’ll get

In: Weid, Menzie,
out: rids (inj), snelling,


If Weid jumps the queue in front of Baldwin or even Monty to replace Ridley, I will not even watch the match. Trying to not get angry on something that hasn’t yet happened but would so be within character.


Couldnt care anymore who we bring in just a ■■■■■ football team

In: Club that wants to compete to be successful
Out: what we have had served up to us for a long time

it’s soooo going to happen.

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Of all ■■■■■ to end our season


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In - Weideman, Shiel

Out - Bryan, Cox

Starting centre square - parish, merrett, shiel



You all know what’s going to happen. We’ll lose this one and then rally by toppling the might of West Coast and North (by a goal or two) followed by a plucky win against GWS in order to set it up for a media hyped MUST WIN clash against the Pies to make finals which we’ll of course lose in the same fashion we always do against them as we are their b¡tch who they toy with.



Hopefully the Pies have put the cue in the rack by that game only way i can see us beating them

Leave Cox in, give the guy a run of games.


Good golly gosh, you are triggered easily.
*Outs: Ridley (inj), Snelling, Kelly.
Ins: Baldwin, Menzie, Hind, Mass (sub).

*These are the changes l would make, not what l think will happen. Kelly for instance will probably stay in. I would also rest Stringer if he is injured, because it sure looks that way.

Think this is the week for minimal change.

Id only bring in speculative choices early from the VFL if the season is done.

We need the best option to replace Ridley. Its a bad time to lose our best defender. We play some sides now with some great and experienced key forwards.

Id be considering an opportunity to also bring in Tsatas for a debut. Deserves one this year. I think it will lift the group.

I don’t think Stringer is the problem, I think our ball movement is.

The poor performances of the past two weeks is all on the coaching and fitness departments imho. We may have still lost but still. Not in the same manner.m

So Weid/Baldwin in for Rids

A spot for Tsatsas and I dunno whats wrong with Menzies?

Out: Bryan, Stringer, Snelling, Kelly
In: Voss, Tippa, Menzie, Hind (full game)

2 rucks isn’t working and Bryan getting limited game time before being subbed out constantly is a waste of a spot in the team imo. Replace him with a smaller, pressure player

Stringer clearly injured, replace with Voss

We are too slow out of defence leading to either bombing long or constant switches. Need quickr rebound, bring back Hind

Bombing to Peter Wright didn’t work and was repetitive and predictable, bring back Tippa at hf he has the skill and awareness to hit a leading target and creates. Snelling or Guelfi to com out, bith providing very little and not at the base of packs enough either

Menzie 3rd in our goals for this year, mystified why he was dropped

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Whilst that almighty high of 8th spot is still in grasp, your going to see minimal changes folks

Don’t for a second think we are playing voss, wanganeen etc. It will not happen


Play all the kids now and Walla (reckon he will offer more than some of our other “small forwards”)
Screw finals
Development only


Out - Ridley (quad), stringer (injured), Kelly, snelling

In - Tsatas, Menzie, Davey jnr, Baldwin

Hind comes into the 22

Davey jnr to be sub


They will beat us.

McCartin will take care of Wright.
Rampe will wear Langford like a glove.
Stringer is cooked.

We won’t be able to score a winning total.

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No changes for mine