Changes for Essendon vs. Adelaide

Out: Essington, Beachomber and Melksham


In: Essendon, Fletcher and Colyer.


Colyer in for the outside run, and elite deliver that we lacked today. Fletcher, still our most reliable player whether you like it or not. Bellchambers still looking a bit underdone, there we a few signs today, but ultimately, still a shadow of last year. 


Looking forward to Bomba roasting the boys this week at training. Irrespective of the result, it's been one of the toughest past 5 days ever... Looking forward to a better performance vs. the Crows. Reckon we'll pip them. 


Maybe, we need Cahill in the forward line.

Out: Melksham

In: anyone

No changes for mine

Out: Melksham

In: Nobody

Just play with the same 21 all game. Fark the AFL and this stupid rule.

So numb don't even care anymore. will attend games. but another second half fade out is beckoning. Easy beat fixtures are over.

Whatever they do, I really hope KAV! doesn't get dropped after one quarter.


Melk deserves to be dropped.


Lots of goal kicking practice this week.


If the crows don't play 2 players behind the ball, we'll win.

Out: Melksham


In: Fletcher

Out Melksham


In Watson, Browne, Hams or Kommer  or even Ty Zantuck or Richard Cole


In fact in anyone who owns a pair of footy boots to replace Melksham

I hate bagging our players but Melk deserves a spell.

Really hope Kav gets a full run next week. 

We need fast midfield runners.


In: Colyer, Jetta, Gleeson.

in pace

out plodders













I think the OP used “Colyer” and “elite deliver” in the same sentence.

Out: Ambrose

In: Fletch


Hurls forward

Out Winderlich and his papers marked like Jetta never to be played again.  His last 2 matches have been very uninspiring for a key forward.


Melksham turned it over and Kav and Hurley looked out of their depth.  Chappy didn't seem at his best.


Dempsey went missing in the second half.


The goal kicking coach should be ashamed as should the field kicking coach.  How many times did we kick into the man on the mark or plenty of their playrs.

Out: Melksham, Dempsey, Winderlich

In: Jerrett, Fletcher, Gleeson


Carlisle forward.



I think the OP used "Colyer" and "elite deliver" in the same sentence.

I think OP was being sarcast

Tex better not smash us next week…

In: leadership

Out: essington