Changes for F.C.F.C - 2023 round 13

Does the VFL team have the bye the same week as us? Or do they play through? Tsatas will likely play a full VFL game this weekend, and if no bye next weekend, could get another one in before our 1st game back after the bye against the Dockers. Reckon he’d be banging on the door to make his debut at that point.

Same bye.

Though no doubt Elijah and the chair will get busy over the break.

Please point out all the errors Hind made with ball in hand against North?

Wanganeen maybe, Tippa nowhere near it.

I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure he had one and missed. But if he didn’t have any …

there would be no conversation at all within the coaching group re bezerker being dropped.

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On last nights form set shots are the last thing thats bothering me about Essendon

Weitring is going to where Weed like a glove and Docherty will most like take Langford forward 2MP a must this week.

Which Carlton spare will we kick to this time round

I want Mcgrath or Redman to smash Turdin into the ground

Wont Weitering go to 2MP?

True that if he plays

No way - Langford would smash Doc in the air, and they want him running free anyway.

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Yeah there was definitely a set shot he took from about 35m out that somehow failed to make the distance. Peak cooked Dev Smith style.


9 news - Shiel unlikely to play this week.

Sounds like we should not have played him against North. Needed cortisone to play.


Last night he might have been. The week before he got two out of 4 or 5.

If Pittonet is out can Draper take De Koning without a chop out from flip?

Because having 2MP forward with Langers and Weid would be nice.

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Far out - the more things change.


Give him 2 weeks off including the bye. Shiel doesn’t play well if he isn’t 100%, he is Fantasia like. Needs to be 100%.

Also Brad Scott does tell fibs. e.g won’t play Shiel unless he is 100%, okay Brad.


Has to be a large part of this falling back on Shiel telling them he was good to go

Cortisone injections would be pretty common in sport (relieves pain / inflammation)

He clearly wasn’t right.

We basically went in a man down from start / countering them losing Simpkin.

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Still, you’ve got to admit, he was moving quite well for the 47 y/o coach of West Coast.

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You have to understand, there is a chorus of posters who want Hind OUT after every game, no matter what he puts forward in the game…
Smithy, Perce, Robbo, Alex.
There are others I’ve missed for sure.

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