Changes for F.C.F.C - 2023 round 13

i want more marquee games for the sole reason is that it boils the pss of supports of novelty joke clubs like st kilda and norf

anzac day
farm game
night before charlie’s birthday
winter solstice as per scotty’s idea. against the crows? crows are sort of druid-y
a usa themed game, bombers vs eagles
book week game against, i dunno, the suns?

-edit- burke and wills game on august 20, commemorating day one of the expedition that went from melbourne to essendon

-edit2- this is new thread territory


Hope im wrong but not confident we can beat Carlton those ■■■■■ always lift that extra bit and we let them have thier way with us

Our midfiled was poo last night if we dont lift in that area Cripps,Walsh will smash us


The one on one matchup with McKay isn’t the issue.
It’s the Curnow matchup.
If he plays close to goal, then Ridley takes him. If he roams up to the wings, then hand him off to Laverde and try and free up Ridley to play the loose man.
We’re not winning with one on ones in the backline. Regardless of whether you play Baldwin or BZT.

One things for sure though…
McKay is bound to have the straight goal kicking sorted against us.

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Hind makes terrible decisions with and without the ball.

He is as soft as butter.

Kelly for Hind is a no brainer.


McKay and Curnow are a problem for us, as Coleman-Jones and Larkey were yesterday and as Cameron and Hawkins were against the Cats. It shows that there is desperate need for a player like Stewart (G), Moore (C), May (M) or McGovern (WC) who can totally control the backline. We have good back-up players, just need that one with brute strength.


You do realise that back generally win more one on ones than they lose otherwise you would have players kicking bags of goals each week. In fact the best percentages are usually 40% wins for forwards.

See article from last year:

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I’d be interested to see this year’s stats.
It isn’t our strength. And definitely isn’t BZT’s strength.
On last year we had the 44th, 45th and 50th best one on one defenders. Which means most other teams had 2 if not 3 better one on players than us.

Our defence (mainly due to structure) is much better this year. But we do get lost on handovers and also sometimes exposed.
Hep was left on Larkey a few times because of it. So was Redman for memory. For memory the same was happening last week against West Coast. We are getting some poor matchups. Luckily teams aren’t making us pay for it (yet).

I’d like to see FCFC supporters flooding out of the ground in the third quarter.


Last year our team %loss was 36.4% which was second worst in the comp.

I found a website but unsure of how valid it is so take it with a grain of salt.

I think the key goal for the back six is avoiding situations where they are in one on ones.

These are the worst one on ones according to the website.

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I’m not confident either Nino, but Carlton have been fkn disgusting this year. They are every bit as bad as us in 2022. North would have hammered them last night.

Like you said, they will likely lift that extra little bit against us. If we can withstand whatever they throw at us early, they’ll drop their heads very quickly and fall apart.

Atleast North were building into some decent form leading into our game. Carlton have been horrific. They are completely demoralised

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I know Weed was bad, but I don’t understand dropping him when 2MP is coming in to take the pressure off.
I don’t want 2MP to do any rucking, even in the forward line so, we may need to keep the two ruck combo.
In: 2MP, Bryan
Out: Philips,…
Baldwin for BZT is an option, but I don’t think they will make that change


Did anyone else notice one of the coaches talking to the backline group out on the ground and Hind was at the back not listening, looking around day dreaming?

I think he has authority issues.

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Wouldn’t be tinkering with the squad too much.

Tracking beautifully at the minute.

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I think it might be a little more basic than that.

coachspeak is his 4th language so he doesn’t really follow much of what they say?

And then back again for the night.


We can’t underestimate the value Flipper has on the inside , e.g against Nth 4 tackles, numerous blocks, taps and strong body positioning is of huge value plus he is a marking threat that requires defensive effort from the opposition which displaces it off others. The two ruck combo is as important to our midfield set up as the smaller blokes

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I think he got all the set shots he took yesterday didnt he?

After a spectacularly bad few weeks, I thought Phillips was important yest.

I’d be dropping Weid for 2MP, not Phillips.


Unless Shiel is injured there will be no changes. Scott will back in Weid and BZT. Although tempting they’ll give Wright and Tsatas the bye. Tippa shouldn’t play seniors for the rest of the year. He’s nowhere near it in every possible way.