Changes for Last week of suffering v Ninthmond

Wouldn’t be making too many changes to the squad at all.

Tracking beautifully at the moment.


No changes


Ham in.


Out Xav
In Steve jobs.

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No need for any drastic changes.

Maybe bring Ham back in.

Make a Review Thread, you cowards.


We’re ■■■■■■■ ■■■■.

The end.


Out- 84 pt loss
In- 100 pt loss

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You know the saying, you don’t change a winning team

Out - everyone.

Pat Voss can’t get a game!

In, the AFLW woman with the knee injury. She would still be our best player

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In’s: Cole, Atkinson, Slattery, Lee. Williams, Van Unen, Cartledge.

■■■■ the rest off

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Out: Two weeks to go.
In: One week to go.


We will bend over as Richmond ensure Lynch kicks 12 goals on Hurley to win the Coleman and we will like it

I hope Giansiracusa gets a chance to coach a game next week.

Who cares who plays, like it will matter.

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Not as funny as it sounds. Probably will be as he played well today. I’d be disgusted but unsurprised.

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Thread name is cute, except they are minimum Eighthmond this year, and worlds apart better than us over the last 20 years.

And losing Graham, Edwards, without Martin, will flirt with 80+ win against us.

We’ve checked out.

Actually, not sure we ever checked in this year.

This week warrants Ice hockey style full lineup change.
We won’t though.

Menzies, Voss, Francis, Hurley, Ham (yes), Lord… whoever else. We must have a few players from today that need to be managed for their next game.

Just do it. The result means nothing. Let’s have a little fun and give a few people a crack.

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We got this.

Did we beat Port?