Changes for the West Coast

Bryan plays for sure, perfect game to ease him in hopefully

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WC & North are two of the worst sides in the history of AFL.

We will beat them. The teams are irrelevant.

What we don’t need is the Eagles putting in an absolute shocker against equally terrible Hawthorn and give Simpson the arse this week.

I wouldn’t be completely ruling that out, by the way.

There isn’t a coach on earth at the moment who could do any better with that team. They are decimated by injury and have a list made up of former guns who are over the hill, kids who need to develop, and absolute plodders.

I would be a bit surprised if he was sacked.

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It’s unlikely they will give him the arse (especially considering he won a flag for them) but their performance level over the last 18 months, injuries or not, has been absolutely deplorable.

They are playing Essendon next week so expect the unexpected.


In: Bryan, Shiel and Guelfi
Out: Phillips, Snelling and Walla


North basically beat last year’s grand finalists today with a bunch of players out


% boost time boys

Did you see how many Sydney had out??

I’ve long had a theory you want to play deplorable teams like north after an ‘okay’ effort like today’s.

Otherwise they can be overly pumped up after a ■■■■■ one and find an extra gearZ

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Nah. Couldnt have cared less. The lizard was out there though

Weird crap always happens after a coach is sacked/walks out, mist dangerous time to play them is that week

I can’t remember us making more than one non forced change after a loss, BDB certainly won’t after a win…
What I’d like is
in Bryan Guelfi - out Phillips Hind

What will happen
In Sheil, Kelly - out Davey, Massimo

Out: Phillips
In: Lord

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Surely Guelfi gets a game in his home state next week!?


Bryan simply must play against West Coast. That’s all I want.


Great logic.

Then the week after we play only victorians.

But yes, guelf clearly best 22 now that he’s fit.

Hind had a great game though… Wouldn’t drop him…


Selection this week is going to be brutal. How do you change a side that just broke a 9 year hoodoo. Yet we have good players that should come back in, and a couple in the twos that are really pushing hard.

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Probably a couple of changes only to a winning formula;-

OUT: Davey, Phillips
IN: Shiel, Bryan

Guelfi to SUB


Baldwin Zerk McGrath
Redman Ridley Hind
Martin Stringer Durham
Perkins Weideman Menzie
Draper Langford Tippa

Bryan Caldwell Merrett

Bench: Shiel Hobbs Snelling Heppell
SUB: Guelfi