Changes for the West Coast

How did they miss the opportunity to use a headline like ‘Bombers fail to land’?

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Or Dons grounded
Scott and Shiel miss flight to Perth

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Sorry @beerme , I’ve cheated a bit, but I think there will be 4 players playing for us who were selected in the first 2 rounds of the AFL Draft since 2017. And just for fun (and for @user_name ) I have put all the players we picked in the first 2 rounds below, and all the other players who are on still on our list who we have picked up since 2017 to give a bit of context. The players in bold I believe will be playing tonight.

The cheat I used to get in another 2 players from the first 2 rounds is:

  1. including Bryan who isn’t officially in the side yet, and
  2. Caldwell, who was selected with our 2018 first round pick, but not by us.

I haven’t included Shiel, but have included D’Ambrosio as a potential sub, but this also could be ADJ.

In all we will have 14 players playing tonight who we have picked up since 2017. There are probaby another 11 who we have either played in the side this year or will in coming weeks (if things go to plan for Wright, Cox, Reid and Tsatas). Others who are showing promise are Voss, Hayes, Jayden Davey, Wanganeen and Munkara.

2017 - 0 selections from first 2 rounds - (got Zerk at 66 and Guelfi at 86 and traded Stringer into the side)
2018 - No first round pick, got Mozzie at pick 38 (although Caldwell - who we traded for in 2020 - was picked with our pick 11 which we traded to GWS, also traded for Shiel)
2019 - No first round pick, Jones 30, Nick Bryan 38 (Phillips traded in, Snelling MSD)
2020 - Cox 8, Perkins 9, Reid 10 (traded in Peter Wright and Hind, with Baldwin PSD)
2021 - Hobbs 13 , no second round pick (Lord 46, Voss R11, Kelly Free Agent, Durham MSD, Martin PSD, Wanganeen PSD)
2022 - Tsatas 5, Hayes 25 (A Davey Jnr 45, J Davey 54, Montgomerie R4, Munkara Cat B, Weideman and Setterfield traded in, D’Ambrosio and Menzie MSD)


So if Bryan plays tonight, then we have played, or have been playing every first and second round players except Hayes? I’d call that development. Scott can only play the players on the list. It’s not his fault we’ve ■■■■■■ away a heap of high draft picks over the last 6 years.


Flew to Wangaratta instead


To be fair, although we traded out 3 first round draft picks, we also effectively have got back 3 or 4.

Caldwell is a unique circumstance, in that it was our first round pick in 2018 that he was drafted with (by GWS) and we got him for less than that in 2020, but given the predictability of the first round of picks, we may well have picked him anyway even if we had kept it. And of course we got Archie as compensation for Joe leaving, and Reid as compensation for Saad leaving (who we didn’t even use a first rounder on ourselves). And that isn’t even allowing for the fact that because Joe went we got Peter Wright who is another first round draft pick who is 3 years younger than Joe, and we got for less.






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