Changes for West Coast

Probably not too many changes expected all things considered. We lost the game but belted the Swans statistically, except for scoring efficiency.

Cox is playing 3rd tall in Ridley’s spot & realistically the 3rd should be more mobile type which is probably why Baldwin didn’t get the gig… albeit they could have played Lav as 3rd tall. Selection panel has their reasoning no doubt. Cox actually did ok for first game at AFL level in defence.

If Baldwin is to come in it’s for Lav who was pretty ordinary but doubt it’ll happen

Davey is still off the pace at senior level but given they already know that may as well still play him vs West Coast.

Hind was excellent, so was Hep so with Kelly shifted out to backline onto a wing/hff which isn’t his best role, out of the side he comes for a Tsatas debut

I’d like a genuine kpf partnering with Wright but we have no one presently, so it’s the two ruck continuation for now, Bryan certainly did enough to persist with again.

Snelling as sub was the wrong choice even if he did get 10 possessions is not damaging with. Our sub decisions have been perplexing

OUT: Kelly, Snelling (sub)
IN: Tsatas

Walla for sub


finals chances are done, so use these last few games as an opportunity to give the youngsters a game.

Saying that, I don’t expect many changes for this week, Scott will stick with experience in a game which means nothing


I almost never criticise other people’s posts but there is always an exception…

How many games is it before a player is ineligible for Rising star award the following year? Tsatas should only play the number of games under that limit

In: Tsatas, VOSS, Wanganeen, Walla, Baldwin
Out: Snelling, Kelly, Cox, M Guelfi, Davey

B: McGrath Zerk-Thatcher Baldwin
hb: Redman LAV Hind
c: Martin HOBBS Duzza
hf: Langford VOSS Merrett
f: Wanganeen Wright Menzie
R: Bryan Parish Tsatas
Int: Phillips, Heppell, Caldwell, Perkins
Sub: Walla

likely changes what speedy said


10 games

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No need to debut anyone this week, we need structure and composure

I wouldn’t be making any changes. This team is tracking beautifully and is going to go a long way

I don’t think I’ve seen many people mention this…

ADJ got crunched at the start of the Sydney game, and came to the bench within the first 30 seconds of the match.

I suspect his leg/hip was swollen from that, and he was subbed as much for soreness as for tactics.

He might need a week off.


Forget about it, the Rising Star for 2024 has already been won by Harley Reid.

Not if we trade everything and draft Harley Reid…
He will sit in our VFL until 2025

mcgrath zerk Baldwin
redman Lav Cox

perkins Langford tsatas
snelling 2MP guelfi

Bryan Phillips

merrett parish durham martin
hobbs caldwell heppell hind

sub menzie

IN (to 23) Baldwin Tsatas

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GWS are a very good outfit. They havent hit the consistency levels they need too yet in game to absolutely pants an opponent but it might only be a matter of time.

It wont matter though. Even if we knock them off we would need to roll the filth at the G. Wont happen.

Best result I can see for us is missing the 8 on percentage.

We lost a final by 2 points last weekend.

Personally i think our finals chances did a quad the week before.

Out: Perkins Snelling Kelly ADJ
In : Tsatas Baldwin Voss Tippa

No. He would miss those 2 years with stress fractures.

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is Davey injured?

Mcgovern back after missing two with concussion

Why couldnt he miss another week

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VOSS more likely to fill Stringers on field role.

Tsatas must have been given the Nod.

Oscar is going to pants Zerk

Fark me why did Ridley had to get injured