Changes for West Coast

Theres no way north are out sucking west coast.

They have 17% on them!!!

Out: snell, guelfi, Kelly

In Tex, tippa, tsatas

McGrath lav zerk
Redman Cox hepp

Durham parish Martin
Bryan Caldwell tsatas

Merrett 2mp Davey
Tex Langford menzie

Hind Hobbs Perkins tippa - whoever


Now that we won’t be playing Geelong if we make it, I’m more keen to play finals.

Beat west coast and north and we may be feeling good about ourselves.

Giants haven’t been overly convincing. Hawks should’ve beaten them up there only 3 weeks ago.

Would probably need to beat the pies too but they will have top spot sewn up by then.

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Think you’re being way too glass half full. Giants have won seven in a row…they just beat the Dogs in Ballarat, a team we couldn’t get near.

  1. It’s still 3 weeks away and they say a wee is a long time in footy. We played our best footy against Adelaide then our worst footy a week later against geelong.

  2. We didn’t play well against dogs but we certainly ‘got close’. Wright was a coat of paint away from putting us within 7 points in the last quarter.


Giants have won seven in a row

We won’t beat them over there in round 23

We’ll roll the dice with Shiel setterfield stringer Draper vs gws if we don’t choke one of the next 2

Great to finally have him beck but yep, surely VFL first to get some match fitness, especially coming back from a serious foot injury. Might have him back for GWS & Pies I reckon.


Isn’t he 2 weeks away again?

Was listed on the Tuesday injury report as being one week away, but who knows really.

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It seems he is permanently 2 weeks away.

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Which is exactly why it won’t happen.


Theyll need to roll out a debut because there is no other reason to attend now the season is unofficially over.


Debut for last home game at Marvel.

Farewell to Dyson for last home game at the G.

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Dysons getting a new long term contract and you will like it

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I’d say Davey will be an out.
I hope Kane Baldwin will come into the team and Snelling will be sub again.

Oscar Allen - Zerk
Jack Darling - Laverde
Jack Williams - Baldwin
Jamie Cripps - McGrath
Noah Long - Redman

Our forward matchups
2MP - Bazzo?
Langford - Cole
Menzie - Hunt
Flip - Hough?

They don’t have very many good matchups for our tall forwards.

Bryan - Bailey Williams
Merrett - Sheed
Parish - Kelly
Hobbs - Hewett

Caldwell & Perkins v O’Neill & Duggan

We have the matchups. This should be a win. As long as our inner Essington can be contained.
I say Essington shows up at some stage through the game and we win by 6 goals.

The injury report said he was back on main training last week but they wanted him to have another week of training before being available.


So 2 weeks away?? :slight_smile:


Davey should be an out and should be replaced by Tsatas.

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I thought Dyson was going to coach, not play.