Changes v Brisbane - round 4, 2019 - the speculation thread

FFS. Has played his role pretty damn well each week this year. He is solid. Yes, Hooker comes in next week, but may end up fwd if Smack is inj. Just give Ambrose credit for doing his job.


Clarke was awful tonight, absolutely stone dead awful. If Belly needs a chop out and I think he probably does I’d much rather bring back Brown and give Mickernan a run on the ball.

Out - Clarke, Ambrose, Mutch
In - Brown, Hooker, Myers

I feel like Clarke was only in this week to combat the best ruckman in the league. Belly will be ok against Martin by himself so bring Brown back in.

In - tighter defence
Out - weak defence


In: Hooker, Redman
Out: Mutch
Cannon: Clarke


Woosha said Mckernan was sore

FWIW Clarke 6 hitouts to advantage. Belly 2.


Not sure if you are a student of the game but Stefen Martin has flogged TBC for about the last half a dozen times they have played .

This is the one to try Draper on I reckon, but would be a bold move


Saved himself IMO.

Looked to be cooked in the 2nd (made 2 or 3 mistakes) then copped a cork in the 3rd. Be surprised if he misses.

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Definitely no student but Martin is as good as any ruckman for covering distance, belly just looks so far off it for mine. Gawn dominated tonight but our mids were terrific in negating the damage
Agree with Draper, love to see him in this week

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How did T McDonald go again?

Was it 4 he kicked, or 5??

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Myers is depth. Not to play unless Heppell or something misses.

Equally Langford. Can’t bring him back in unless he’s replacing a slow extracting player.


The non give to Fantasia was disgraceful and there was another howler or two.


Not having a dig. But if you werent at the game live you might not have picked up the grunt and 1%s and chasing and hitting up. It helped grind Gawn down.

He redeemed himself a fair bit by match end IMO

I think he was a masterstroke at selection. Gawn looked warn down and it helped our mids.

We would have lost without him IMO.


It showed up on TV.

He had a good dip in the second half. Good focus and intent.

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The side was changed up for run and pace.

And it worked.

If Mutch is out bring in another winger with run, not Myers.

Even if it’s an undersized whippet in Braydon Ham.

Or perhaps even Redman, pending how much game time he gets this week. Crowe did say he was doing full training however. Redman to 7th defender and Guelfi back to wing which was his 2018 role.

IN: Hooker, Redman
OUT: Clarke, Mutch

Well said. Important selection. Like Ambrose (and others who rarely get the credit they are due) he played his role tonight.

I want to see Redman, Gleeson & Begley tear it up in the VFL for at least two games - and then come in, and stay in. I would like Ridley to stay all year. Parish also, unless he drops form consistently. Langford will have to regain his form in the 2’s, sorry KM.

For mine, Parish stays in for Myers. Hooker comes in Zlarke out.

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In: hooker or Redman
Out: mutch

I reckon Hooker should play a week of VFL. If he starts his season as badly as everyone else did, he might need 2 there.

I reckon they’ll bring in Myers for Mutch. Would prefer they bring in Clarke.

We’ve just had 2 x 6 day breaks, so not surprising a few guys seem a bit sore, like TBell and Francis.
But with an 8 day break now to Brisbane, I’d be surprised if those guys don’t get up

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