Changes v Brisbane - round 4, 2019 - the speculation thread


Arbitrarily playing a youngster through crap form is no better than playing an old guy through crap form.

Looking at our 22, and what’s running around in the 2s, there’s really not much justification for it, right now.

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No, more likely to be Myers to Full forward. Yep, you heard it right. He played there for a time against StKilda.


Hasn’t everyone said that Draper was easily BOG on the weekend?

Meanwhile we have a recycled 30 year old, who just played one of the worst games I’ve seen someone play for the red and black, taking his spot in the team. Even Melbourne fans were having a laugh at how he gets a game

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Yep, I was sitting above the goals and nearly dropped my beer and walked out.


Nothing this club has done over the past 15 years suggests that they know what they are doing. Guelfi should not be dropped. Myers should not be straight back in. In fact, Zaka, myers, Langford and Baguley should not have been playing round 1 going on pre season form. Players should force their way in to the team. If you play 2-3 bad games in a row then you are out, no matter who you are.


According to this article, it’ll be

In: Redman, Hooker, Myers, Brown
Out: Guelfi, Francis, Mutch, McKernan

I dont mind frang going out for a week or two now to get his body right, has looked a bit sore.


Coz I thought you were suggesting we bring in Draper as the replacement for Xavier Campbell
(autocorrect error)

And that would a been a genuinely left field approach to solving the Clubs problems.

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Clarke will get a 2nd game IMHO.

As should pretty much anyone (unless you’re horrendous).

As I say, same standards for old guys and young guys.

And the best way to make people “force their way in” is to… arbitrarily create a whole load of free spots!!

Were they still laughing at the end of the game?

You might note that Melbourne has suddenly decided to play Preuss as a second ruck tonight- so Clarke did his job.
Note I want Draper, but stop bagging blokes who did their bit in an actual win.


No they weren’t laughing but said we’d probably have beaten them by 10 goals if he wasn’t playing.

To be fair, i don’t think that Melbourne are bringing in Preuss because they need a second ruckman as we showed them up in this area. It’s because their key forwards are so out of form and they need a huge makeover down there

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So you want Essendon to base their selection decisions because you jumped on bigfooty?


The new nickname for Zaka, next time he has a shocker.

hahahaha ■■■ Imagine

Just wait…

If sore and needs a rest ok but otherwise Saint Francis should stay in.

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Deckham hates Essendon.

Why do you think he rates Myers and Zlarke so high?


So if we name the team as per media “leaks”, are we sooooooo getting fined?

Forum lacks Simmo’s Disparaging Anecdotes About a Brisabane Player and no one has enquired about the location of the team.

Not good enough.

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Melbourne need to move McDonald back to defence. He is arguably better behind the footy and bring in Preuss to alternate with Gawn out of the square. But who gives a rats about them. Hopefully we can take their place in the top 4 !