Changes vs Bulldogs

Depending on today’s VFL

IN: Voss, Tsatas
OUT: Weid, Kelly

If Laverde is inj then replace with Baldwin (who was excellent when he played early in the year)

Not sure what to do with Phillips, probably can’t replace Bryan who was fairly good. Not sure who else goes out, perhaps Heppell will need a rest with the short turn around.

Cox sub


Out: Weed, Kelly
In: Phillips, Tsatas.
Sub: Hind.
Nick gave us some sort of spark last night when he came on and provided a point of difference.


Out. Weed,stringer, Kelly,guelfi
In. The best 4 players in the 2nds today

I would honestly be making major changes but not particularly due to the result

I would have played a very different line up at different stages of the year, I want to see what we really have on the list before this years draft and trade period
Decisions need to be made on plenty of guys



But as usual it seems like we’re flat out chasing an interstate EF loss.


OUT: Weideman (pleeeease), Guelfi (SUB), Lavede
IN: Phillips, Cox, Hind

Kelly Zerk McGrath
Redman Ridley Hind
Martin Merrett Durham
Perkins Langford Caldwell
Stringer 2MP Menzie

Phillips Hobbs Merrett

Snellinig Heppell Cox Bryan
SUB: Guelfi

If Stringer is not right then give him a spell and bring in Voss - but probably wont happen :frowning:

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Voss > Stringer
Phillips > Weid
Tsatas > Hepp

we’ll go with 2 rucks v doggies.
weed will make way for phillips.
tsatas is a chance if he pulls up well today, as is cox.
heppell may get rested.


Hepp was one of our better players I thought?


Whoever is in or out, it’s time to start having a look at some of the Reserves players, Voss Tsatas. Just give them a run.


I’ve been liking what he’s doing, but i want to see Tsatas have a crack and it seems like the most obvious swap for me.

I have zero faith the coaching staff want a look at Voss, so Weid will prob stay.

Weightman may have McGrath in the air covered, so Kelly may get the job and that could save him.

I would have Hind in for a game at Marvel, the Dogs will let you run and gun off half back so the match up suits to play Hind.

I don’t know who to replace with Tsatas, but I agree we could do with him coming in, just not Dyson imo. Hepp has been playing the mature tough general role down the backline though, I wouldn’t think Tsatas can play that role.


What should happen:
Out: stringer,weid,Kelly, lav
In: Phillips, tsatas, Voss,cox

What will happen:
In: Shiel( if he is fit they will play him), Phillips
Out: Bryan, hind


OUT: Weid, Stringer (inj/managed)…… Kelly/Hep?
IN: Phillips, Voss …… Hind?

Play the two rucks. Bryan has had a crack and will go ok vs English athletically. Phillips provides more of a contest fwd than Weideman. Keeps 2MP forward

Stringer is not right. Play a fit and desperate player. Voss

I’d prefer Hind over Kelly/Hep also to give more run out of defense also but don’t think it’ll happen. They prob want Kelly to shut out Weightman, now that I think of it is required & better match up than Hind.


Although I am concerned that a lot of our backline seems to be carrying or fatigued.
Lav, Redman, Ridley surely must be sore.

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Lav was fine. Standard ankle roll BDB said, he’ll get up

Redman was more a high hit, he returned ok and had 16possessions for the 1st half

Ridley would only improve on where he was at to still be picked IMO

I think they’d all be right to go.

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Yeah-nah, I get that they’re all technically okay to play.

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I would like to see Hind used as a pressure forward for a couple of weeks. Can kick a goal and is quick. It’s coming out of our forward line far too easily for prolonged periods of the game.

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We have a five day turnaround for the VFL players today leading into the next AFL match. If any of Voss, Tsatas, Baldwin, Cox or Mass have pulled out of the match at half time, then that’s a good indication they might be selected next week.