Changes vs Cats

This kid is fearless!!



This week is a perfect scenario for us.

Geelong, at home at their pissant under construction half stadium and coming off a big flat track win against one of the bottom sides, will have the media eating out of the palm of their hand again and we will be given no hope of winning down there.

Go down there and roll the dice and see what happens. No expectation.


Rain forecast. I hope it pours and becomes a scrap. I think a messy game can only help us. Please rain!!


Phillips will get a week for that hit. Lucky not to caused an injury or it would have been 3+.

Bryan comes in. Draper isn’t ready yet.
Hoping Mason and Rids are both OK. Baldwin comes in for Rids if not.

Unchanged apart from that.


bdb said no in his presser.

Looking forward to watching Bryan with sole responsibility.

Throw the kid to the wolves and you never know, might be the making of him Ryder 2009 style.


Weiderman will ruck and you’ll like it


He will have to tuck his tail between his legs if that’s the case.

He said he didn’t think so but that “Draper may surprise me and complete the full training session this week”


and really stressed the point he didn’t think draper would do full training this week.

Out: Philips, Ridley, Weidman
In: Bryan, Baldwin, Voss

bring in the top 3 (b&f) afl listed players from the VFL.

send Shiel back to VFL for game time after 2 weeks being sub
LAV to Hawkins
Baldwin in for Ridley with added ball use can play on Rohan.
VOSS in for Hardness and also option to play defence or get up the ground and help out. Needs to run through Stewart early, show he means business.

b: McGrath LAV Baldwin
hb: Redman Zerk-Thatcher Kelly
c: Martin HOBBS Duzza
hf: Guelfi VOSS #Merrett
f: Wright Langford Menzie
r: BRYAN Parish #Stringer
Int: Heppell, Caldwell, Perkins, Snelling
Sub: Walla

won’t happen

Looking at next week and would love a Gold Coast win over the Saints and a Giants win over the Crows. Richmond will be in the 8 by two weeks time I reckon. Hopefully we can pull a victory out of this!

Pretty sure we will concede this game. We are absolutely no hope with these injuries.

Surely Shiel is better than Snelling

Ridley would be questionable. Draper unlikely. Redman has been given the all clear.

What other injuries? Concede? LOL.

It’s highly unlikely against a quality opponent on their home turf we will get the points but concede? Yeah… nah.


I can’t think of many things that are less chance of happening than BDB conceding a game to Chris Scott.


Was the player Rids?

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Zero chance.

Like I said previously, it would be unlikely but why the ■■■■ not?

GWS have beaten them in Geelong this year and I don’t care what anyone says, we are a far better outfit compared with the Giants.

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Why has Baldwin been mentioned by so many?
I mean if he wasn’t injured I’d also want him in but I thought he was injured? Didn’t play last week