Changes vs da Lions - fark speculation, Draper is in for 2020 round 9

9 tackles and 30 pressure acts v 3 and 16

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Out: Bellchambers, Hibberd, Gleeson, Laverde
In: Phillips, Sheil, Cutler, Stewart

Lions size up forward may require BZT but interested to see how Francis / Ridley cope with bigger opponents.

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No changes for mine


We genuinely need a TALL key position defender.

One of these medium defenders needs to make fkn way ASAP.

IN: Zerk-Thatcher


Yes yes yes yes

could we even be lucky enough to see 2 tall forwards and a ruck?



I don’t rate Gleeson at all this year, and again today he was just a nothing player. Hams form has dipped and that was a really poor shot on goal in the first. Brisbane’s rucks are pretty poor using Archie Smith so I think we can get away with Bellchambers again.

OUT: Laverde, Gleeson, Ham
IN: Stewart, Shiel, Cutler


These are the changes I’d like to see. I think 3 of them are almost certain. Not confident that Draper for Smack will happen

If Bellchambers pulls up ok I reckon you want to play him v Brisbane. If we are to have any chance we need to win the clearance battle.


Perfect … would prefer ham stay and hibbo make way …

People are going to be bitterly disappointed when they see who the mysterious James Stewart actually is.


You shouldnt drop young talent after one poor game.

Thats why so many of us complain on here that we cant develop kids

IN: Zerk-Thatcher
OUT: Ridley


Only Zaharakis has any certainty to play


Better yet, watch him come in and have an immediate impact and blitz goes nuts calling for the coaches heads for not playing him earlier.

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At least we know it won’t be a close game.

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I think this is one case where the coaches have a good defence. He wasn’t ready before this week. So even if he kicks 5 goals it’s an easy defence of the coaches

Maybe. Maybe not.

Their reluctance to player another tall in the forward line tells me that they like the current setup.

And I’m not sure that Stewart not being ready is an excuse either. He’s been playing the scratch matches for a few weeks now and we aren’t exactly concerned with playing players that aren’t fit.

It’s certainly a fair point that we should have been playing an extra tall

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