Changes vs Giants

Rutten said he was confident that both Phillips and Francis would be good to go.

Do they come straight back in? If so, who makes way?

Thought Bryan was decent today. But him against Mumford may be setting him up to get hurt.

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In: Francis, Phillips
Out: Bryan, Stewart.


Can’t see Stewart going out after a game under his belt.

Francis, Phillips

Bryan, Guelfi




Is waterman available? I’d bring him in. One of Ham or Snelling makes way.

Langford ought to be dropped.


Yep, this will be it.

Guelfi a little stiff but I think we need the 4 talls in defence coz all 4 of them aren’t actually that tall if that makes sense

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You’d think Waterman would be doubtful after seeing him on ice after the VFL game.

Mate if you think we are dropping Snelling (and even ham for that matter) you really can’t see what truck is trying to do here.


in francis, out ham, shift hepp to hams spot, francis gets floating tall

Thinking about it, I think the suggestions upthread about Phillips and Francis in, with the outs being Guelfi and Bryan are logical.

Cox did cop a decent whack to his shoulder during the game.

When do you think we’ve scheduled to rest some of the kids? Couldn’t be surprised if he had a bit of a rest.

What??? You want hepp to be outside runner that covers 15km a game???

You not see how hepp is moving these days?

He wasn’t even an outside player when he was young


in absolutely zero alternative realities is heppell dropped.


I’m still gutted so no thought at this stage.

Possible forced outs

  • Hooker (managed he looked slower than normal
    -Cox (Managed, shoulder)

Hep ran 15.7km today.


I know. People who want hepp dropped are clueless.

That wasn’t my point. Hepp cannot and never will play ham’s role.

Out: Ham, Bryan
In: Francis, Phillips

Based on no injuries from today and Phillips being available

Seems to be accepted fact that Francis will be right to go

If Phillips is no good then you probably have to keep Bryan in although I agree Mummy is not a good match ip for him physically

For mine Ham comes out for Francis purely because Guelfi was much better than him today
Heppell and/or Guelfi move further up the ground and Frang goes to a flank

Redman Stewart Laverde
Hind Ridley Francis

Cox Parish Perkins

Snelling Jones Stringer
Tippa Hooker Smith

Phillips Merrett McGrath

Heppell, Langford, Guelfi, Wright

idk, hepp is very good at slowing down play for no reason, doing long slow kicks to no ones advantage and taking forever to make a decision, very good at getting brushed off in the tackle.


In: Gingers
Out: Brunettes/Blondes



Did they get raided by the Drug Squad?

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