Changes vs GWS (2020, round 10) - speculation

McKenna played forward in the scratch match by the look of the highlights video. I’d personally be delighted to see him given a few games as a mid-sized forward (perhaps at the expense of Cahill - who isn’t ready - to improve the aerial strength of the forwardline).

Langford comes in at the expense of Ham, who while promising is simply not strong/fast/fit enough for the highest level yet.

Obviously Bellchambers goes out for McKernan if ready.

Townsend is lucky that others have been worse than him.

For those who want Mossie, patience, he is still far from ready.

In: McKernan Langford McKenna Clarke
Out: Bellchambers Ham Cahill Gleeson


In McKernan McKenna(forward) Langford (forward) Clarke (Tag role) mcbride
Out TBell Gleeson Townsend Zaka Cahill
Tippa to wing at bounce

If rocky balboa can last 15 rounds with the heavyweight champion Apollo creed, surely essendon is capable of standing up against GWS*

*i may have just finished watching rocky 1 ( it still stands up)


We bring our a game and we can win

Come back Travis Colyer, all is forgiven.

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Sounds like it

If McKernan is still managed I would bring in Phillips for TBC. They won’t but would like to see two mobile ruck man in rather than one.
Clarke/Guelfi, and Langford in for Cahill and Ham wouldn’t hurt. Would be good to see some fresh faces in, particularly without VFL to give them a game.


Crauford in for TBC
Conor for Cahil
Langford for Ham
Guelfi for Redman


I prefer watching other games. It’s more entertaining and less stressful than the tripe Essendon consistently serve up. Essendon are so bad I don’t / can’t watch them live on TV. I prefer to follow the game on Blitz and check stats on the Footy Live app. I just can’t watch them. It’s too fark’n “depressing” and makes me super angry.


Is this the stage of the week where Blitz convinces itself that we’re a big chance to win?


Out : Cahill & Walla
In : Langford & McKenna

This year is the most I have watched of it on TV. I generally attend each match and enjoy that far more that watching it on tv. I think its a far better spectacle live but also I really hate the commentary. Totally ruins it for me. In fact AFL media in general is terrible in my opinion.

my footy life really only consists of the bomber game live and blitz.

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I’m still scarred from Friday’s game. Haven’t watched the footy, news shows etc.

Don’t really intend to watch this Friday night either! I think we will get belted.

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there’s nothing surer than us having a huge crack this week. Whether it’s sustained or good enough to get a result is another question, but such is the nature of this stupid club they’ll look a different side this week.


When do teams actually get named with this weird compressed game schedule thing? The new round starts tonight, does that mean that the teams for this round need to be submitted today?

Yep. This is a 50/50 game. We do have a habit of bouncing back after a shocker.

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It’ll be rolling, a night or two before each game.

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It’s not 50/50. But we’ll have a crack, as opposed to the lamentable effort last week.

I can understand you avoiding all footy media this week. I’ll be the same. But come the match this Friday you’ll be watching. As you should.
Logic says we’ll get beaten but there’s normally at least something good to take away from the game. Whether that’s a terrific individual performance or two. And who knows, we might just surprise and put up a good account of ourselves. It’s always worth watching.


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