Changes vs GWS Round 19

Couldn’t find a changes thread anywhere?

There are probably not a lot of options for us to turn to just yet. Can’t see the side looking much different to the one that ground out that win against North.

Francis might come into the mix somewhere but not sure where or who for.

For me, what is more interesting this week is what the opposition do.

Toby Greene out can’t hurt. We wait to see how serious Josh Kelly’s injury is. He’s in doubt.

Does Lachie Whitfield come back from his concussion after just the one week even though he has had issues with concussion in the past? He’s just about their most important player IMO. 2nd only to Greene perhaps.

Their rucks are also in disarray.

Mumford: Needs weeks off due to back issues

Flynn: Played yesterday and injured his shoulder

Briggs: In isolation

Preuss: Injured, as usual

They may have to go in with an unrecognised and undersized ruckman. Like Jesse Hogan or Finlayson.


In: Francis
Out: Cutler


make smith the sub

apart from that, probably not too many changes


Finally the lockdown gods have given something back to Essendon. Take away our home ground advantage, but take away a few players from both Sydney clubs. Good compromise.

Now if we can just get 3 unbiased umpires, we are a chance.


I would put zaka or Clarke and make smith the sub

Smith has been awful for months


Any prospect of langford being available?

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I would like to see Durham have another go.


Lol, If the game gets brought back to melbourne, Toby Greene is ok to play as he wouldn’t be in quarantine

At least one more according to Trucks comments yesterday

“Shiel won’t be far off. Hopefully Langford only misses one more. Caldwell is also starting to do more training as well. Hopefully we have better player availability in the next few weeks.”


IN: Francis (to play forward)

Out: waterman


IN: our best footy
OUT: the garbage we served up on Saturday.

It’s hard to see anything but a flogging coming up, we seem to be cruisin for a bruising

Would qld permit him to leave the hotel room though? I don’t think so

In: Clarke, Francis
Out: Smith, Cutler

Clarke to play pressure forward in Smith position, I think Smith needs at least a week off. Even for disciplinary reasons.

Hopefully Franga can come back this weekend as he would be an improvement on Cutler.

Durham did great, keeps his spot

FB: Redman, Stewart, Laverde
HB: Heppell, Ridley, Hind
C: Ham, Merrett, Cox
HF: Snelling, Wright, Perkins
FF: Walla, Hooker, Waterman

Fol: Draper, Parish, Stringer

Int: Francis, Durham, Guelfi, Clarke

Hopefully Sydney we get Langford, Shiel and Caldwell back

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We were always going to play like garbage yesterday - 12:30PM Sunday game at Metricon against ■■■■ opposition who were always going to drag us down to their level in a scrappy game, especially after we flogged them last time.

Our effort and intensity will be much better against GWS, I’d put the house on it.

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Is that you Stevo?

Nope. Waterman’s impact is much more productive than Smiths. His forward pressure is great.


Happy to be proven wrong with some stats but I don’t see waterman as a pressure player

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I would drop Waterman. There to kick goals and not doing it. What was with that pass to Snelling from 40m out direct in front. Waterman is currently providing Townsend type performances.


Essendon are a massive show against an inconsistent, weakened opponent, a real chance to get win no. 9. Bring the finals type pressure they’ve shown throughout the year and the boys will get the job done. Giants are gettable