Changes vs Suns

Heppell likely to come in.

What’s the go with Caldwell? Were there any practice games this weekend?

In: Marvel
Out: Metricon


At least it won’t be a hub. Probably fly in/fly out.

Would have loved for it to be here though.

In: Heppell, Caldwell ( if ready )
Out: Cox, Waterman

Rutten mentioned Heppell back in if his good to go, and Caldwell hoping to get a game at some level next week or two.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they reintegrate Caldwell, Mcgrath and if we made finals, Langford, over the next 3-4 weeks.

Jones is the one we really don’t have an idea about how likely he is to return this year.

IF, and it’s still a big if, we made an elimination final, it would be a bit of a risk playing a few guys who had only played one game back post injury, or even just a scratch match in the bye week.

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No changes for mine


Out: Gleeson, AMT
In: Heppell, Perkins


In: Hep D
Out: Glee club

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Out: Gleeson & Walla
In: Heppell & Perkins


In. Heppell , Perkins
Out. Gleeson ( unlucky) smith(sub)

Out: Gleeson, Walla
In: Hepps, Perkins

Or what Nickers said above, and fish bowl above him.

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Poor Gleeson. I don’t think he deserves to be out. I guess people are doing a like for like with Heppell coming back in.


I agree.

Have to wonder if Gleeson may be kept on for another year?

Don’t reckon Caldwell gets rushed back in.

Heppell obviously back in for Gleeson, though he wasn’t terrible.

I’m not really sure there are any other options? Like you could go Perkins for Waterman or Guelfi, but I don’t see why you would.


Chance the game will be at Marvel or the G, given both teams were in Melbourne at the weekend?

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Perkins will be back in. Chungus out.
Heppell - Gleeson.

If / when Langford and McGrath are available, be interesting to see who makes way.

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Apparently Essendon are looking to play both Caldwell and McGrath in scratch matches this week. You’d think one (if not two) would be good to go for Pies in that case.


Will Jones make an appearance again this year?


If we take care of business vs the Suns it is going to be a fascinating final week in terms of the make-up of our team as well as what goes on around us in terms of other results.