Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


Full Essington mode engaged?

Unfortunately I’m getting that feeling also.


The Myers hate is basically confirmation bias from original opinions 5-6 years ago.

His year last year was very good and he plays an important role for the side. Rounds 1 and 2 he was rubbish but again played an important role on the weekend.

Most people just wrote him off seasons ago so any chance they get they look for tiny things to confirm their original opinions.


I’m anticipating Melbourne 2014 loss type of frustration.


I may be in the minority here but I think the team are playing in a similar way to the backend of last year.

There’s a consistency to them that we hadn’t seen in a while. The start of last year (and previous years) you didn’t know who would show up.

I think we’ll show up and play in the same manner with have the last 2 weeks. It just depends if it’s good enough to beat North (depending on which North shows up).

I don’t think we’ll be seeing Essington.


It would if we are playing so so. But the last two weeks we’ve played well. We’ve looked like a cohesive footy team. That gives me confidence we can do well.


I was actually referring to the need for Ambrose to sort him out a la Hipwood after the sling tackle.
Norf may not have Waite and the GSOAT (greatest sook of all time) Thomas, but they still have a few snipers and cheap shot merchants- Zeibell being one. Conor would fly the flag but a rampaging Ambrose would worry him.

PS Bags did a really good job crashing into their other cheap shot regular in Thompson at every opportunity last year. Stopped him mistaking Stringers head for a football all the time with his late punches/spoils, because Bags had already kneed him in the kidneys. Hope we repeat the dose


Given the tight turnaround between VFL and Anzac Day, if he isn’t playing this week against North, maybe just put him through a solid block of training in the lead up to Anzac Day.


You may be taking this ‘looking after our players’ bit too seriously…


Out: Half the team
In: Half the team


If his groin can stand up to that then he’s right to go.


Would be stiff to miss, amirite?


They haven’t yet. Their zone has been broken down badly on multiple occasions so far this year. And that zone doesn’t account for our greatly improved ability to score from stoppages this year which has been a huge improvement and big weapon.


I’m not touching that one.


WOB moonlights as a fluffer in his spare time.


I havent managed to tip our games right so far this year. I tip us and we lose, i dont tip us and we win. Will make sure to tip norf this week


I love that they’re still butthurt over that


That and at Hooker for the year before when he ruffled that rookies’ hair.


Melb and Brissie are better than Norf

Should roll em.


Hopefully a few Essendon supporters arrive - need to combat this


Given the general public tickets have sold quicker than members, it’s a sure thing that there’ll be a large predominantly pro-EFC crowd in attendance.