Changes Vs Tin Rattlers - it’s gonna be a Good Friday


This will be a tricky game. Scott is a good coach and he’ll attempt to clag up the field and slow us down, as NM did with Adelaide. You can bet they’ll be fired up also. We should win it on form and talent but can’t let up.

I’d be tempted to rest TBell as he’s lumbering right now and can’t see him backing up well. Draper to come in for him and give him a taste of the big time.

If Ridley doesn’t come up then Francis is the easy in. I’d play Joe in the ressies for a half Saturday with a view to naming him for Anzac Day.


Joey last year with those 3 games


Top 10 for average disposals, effective disposals, tackles, inside 50’s, goal assists, contested possessions, clearances (#1), centre clearances (#1), score involvements and metres gained.

oh, and 11th for average goals.

That’s how I define a good season, what about you?




Danihers best game against North was 4 goals way back in the elimination final in 2014.

Tippa has a bigger bag now with 7

Danihers best is 2 matches with 6 goals, and 4 matches x 5 goals

back in 2018 most goals joey kicked in a match was 2 goals.


Wonder how long it took them to work out that little gem?


Brown has always played for frees.

He over-accentuates so the umpires notice the contact a lot for someone who is 200cm tall and very strong


I think in this case, it’s more of a premeditary rest, with a few shorter breaks coming up.


Brendon Goddard, Tim Watson and Matthew Lloyd have all questioned @bdbrown50 free kicks that were paid to him over the weekend. What do they all have in common?

Oh, I know!
They are 3 people who played for Essendon, out of the few hundred commentators that have rightly called Brown a flopping prancing princess.


I get the runs occasionally but I don’t particularly respect the E. coli virus.


You have such little respect for that bacterium that you call it a virus.


Wayne Carey also criticised him. Pretty harshly.


lol. clag.


Two of the 3 were freekicks

I didn’t agree with the rucking one though. Bartel indicated it was a contest of strength and positioning which Brown clearly lost.

Umpire just fell for his ballerina twirl



Yeah i don’t think whether they were a free or not is the issue. I hate diving even with clear free kicks. No need to exaggerate. Joey does it a bit. Nowhere near Brown territory though.


I agree the 2 in the marking contest were frees but it’s the way that he carries on to show the umps that he is being held/pushed


Well as I said, it depends on what the problem with TBC is. But yes, maybe the guy actually cannot back up after a 5 day break even if fully match fit. I concede.

I would absolutely love to see Draper given a chance.

We have won 2 games against good sides and lost the hitout count by a large amount, so its clearly not a problem for our mids if Draper comes in. Plus, Draper can arguably do more around the ground than TBC.

I have been extremely disappointed in the number of marks Tommy has missed around the ground. But he has notched up a lot of goal assists, but he is not the player he was last year. He looks to have regressed to 2015 levels of mobility.


Woosh has said in his presser:

  • Daniher fit to play. They think he has done the work similar to Hooker in previous week
  • Need to manage him around the fixture
  • Doesn’t think JD having to ruck increases workload, actually may lessen it (assume less repeat sprints/leading)
  • Consideration on playing two rucks & Daniher, but also praised Brown
  • Myers is fine, no major injury bar the lacerations
  • Zaka is fine also, will have a run tomorrow. One of a few who not training today.
  • Francis refreshed, in the mix for selection after having some soreness last week


It sounds like to me, they will drop clarke and play joe