Changes vs Tin Rattlers - some year, some round

Heard some reviews from the VFL game - surely Ambrose or Waterman get a call up?

Zaka has been a good clubman, but I don’t think he’s best 22. Hopefully the 3/4 off was good enough for Cox.


Out: Lav (needs the ice bath for a week), Phillips, Jones (looks to need a rest), Smith

In: Zerk-Thatcher, Bryan, Ambrose, Waterman

Cox for Smith.

Waterman or Cahill for sub.


Snelling (dropped)
Phillips out

Bryan in
Waterman in


I’m really likely this gag now. Well played.


Frankston are pretty ordinary. Not sure can read too much into VFL form.

I’d expect minimal change

OUT: Smith (inj)

Cox just stays in the 22. Guelfi can play a fwd pressure role in place of Smith.

The entire week need to be focussed on executing basic skills in AFL footy

I’d like Bryan back in for Phillips. Cox for Smith. Keep everything else stable.

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In before Nino and his “We will have to play better than we did against Fremantle to beat North” post…

The team with about 15 players on their injury list who have won 1 of their last 17 games.

We’ve made a mess of these type of games in the past, true, but the ugly way in which we beat the Dockers will hold us in good stead next week.


Im glad you have found this funny :joy::joy::joy:

No Cox??? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The sub has to be omitted normally so if he isnt omitted it mean he is in the 22

Guelfi was not listed as an IN this week

In which case you have to drop one more player than you bring in.

That is correct, I didnt look that closely at the other post

IN - Waterman
OUT - Smith and Zaharakis.


Whoops! Do the subs count as an already out?

If Cox has had enough of a rest, out Ham & in Cox

Frankston have won 3 out 5 games. They’re better than plenty of other teams


Given his (and our club’s) injury history, we shouldn’t risk playing a proppy Lav.

I’d go Smith out and Waterman sub.

I’d be tempted to bring Ambrose in and rest one of the talls.
I like @Aceman’s idea of resting Hooker against West Coast, so I’d probably rest Jones this week then Hooker next week and give Ambrose 2 weeks in a row.


He’s not best 22, but we have Shiel, Caldwell, Stringer and now Smith out injured. He’s handy cover to have at the moment.
Waterman has to come in for Smith next week and the only other running player remotely close to being good enough is Cahill and that’s questionable. He’s better to be learning to play mid in the VFL for now.

yep. no real need to tinker with things.