Changes you’d like for the Country Cats

I agree. And the Swans midfield is weak as ■■■■ at the moment so if Draper is having a bad first game we should still be able to clean it up. That’s definitely not a risk i would take against the Cats midfield though.



My prediction for tonight is:

Out: Brown
In: Fanta, Francis, Langford, Draper, Ham

My prediction for final team is:

Out: Brown and Smith
In: Fanta and Francis

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I’d like to offer condolences to bomberstan and family having taken a similar hit to old mate Lysp. Both sorely missed



IN – Fantasia, Francis, Draper, Langford, McNiece, Begley
OUT – Brown (injured), Myers (managed)

First 4 on extended bench are usually in.


No Smith bugger

It came true!

That’s twice now Myers has had some alternate reason

Just fkn say he is omitted!

Hardly being managed off a 10 day break.

as true as he’ll be straight back in next week.
what do they think it achieves saying “managed” ?

Damm no Smith

He is named on the bench.

You don’t see him listed as an ‘in’ because he played in our previous game.


Taken the p1ss this year with where bags gets named. Assume ruck next week?

they can’t, this whole club now is based on spin and perception rather than just honesty like Little proclaimed we would get after the saga.

Managed means they don’t have to admit they got anything wrong with putting him in the leadership group.
it also means they don’t have to drop him to the reserves and make him play there til he “finds form”.
they can just wait til next week when less people will be agitated with him playing, and bring him straight back in.
optics is all it is, yet most can see through it now.


■■■ myers is out. What just happened.

■■■■ we have a good team.

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Draper played forward last year.

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Ha, turns out Myers out was a change some would like.