Chess Champ Goes Ape CaCa

“If they want me to strip fully naked, I will do it,” Hans Niemann

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So Niemann wasn’t using vibrating a.nal beads to tell him what moves to make?

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He’s claiming to be vibration free.

You’d hear them, surely?

You’d think the facial expressions would be a giveaway as well.

Carlsen is claiming that Niemann did look pretty relaxed. A little too relaxed for his liking.

You’re just kicking yourself youbnever thought to accuse S Williams of cheating at tennis.



McEnroe was a cheat, and l am not the only one who thinks so. He was accused of cheating by one of his doubles partners.

Roids with a side of coke? certainly had the rage

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How did he cheat?


Well, Carlsen is alleging that Neiman was receiving coded messages by way of a vibrating device. He hasn’t specified the location of the vibrating device but given that Neiman has offered to play naked, presumably it’s up his bumhole.

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The theory is all the sledging of the umps/referee was a calculated act.

Probably about right.

Not sure it’s specifically cheating, but certainly manipulation.

A lot of greats of a lot of games have gone after officials for the same reason.

I thought it might be that. It’s gamesmanship and it’s unfair, but it’s not cheating.

Yep, at the professional level with linesmen, umpires etc it’s hard to see how you can actually cheat (other than performance drugs, or maybe match fixing) .

Has Carlson actually stated the nature of the alleged cheating as yet? I think everyone else has assumed vibrating signals / clues, though I did also see one reference to Niemann somehow getting access to Carlson’s pre-match strategy plans. But I’ve not followed developments for a few days.

Niemann suing Carlsen, carlsen’s company,, the boss, Bobby Fischer, Hasbro, @Diggers, and all 12 blitzers who’ve posted in here.


about time chess look at boxing, mma, pro wrestling, etc for ideas on how to chase clout

chess hit a popularity bump over covid when a lot of twitch streamers integrated the big players, like 4head carlson and hikaru.

■■■■ boring game tho