Chromecast crisis of 2018

Anyone else spend hours troubling shooting last night only to realise there had been a global Chromecast catastrophe.

Anyone seen an ETA on a fix?

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A series of reboots of the Chromecast, and the app in question, ended up fixing it for me.

Aim to get it working on YouTube, and the rest will follow.

Yeah I’ll take another swing tonight. Factory reset on the dongle didn’t work last night. It seems to see to network momentarily but then drop off. The Google home so can see it and connect but nothing else can see it. Reddit is lit up about this.

I had the same problem last night. When both chromecast tv & audio failed I thought it was a modem or nbn issue.

Google is rolling out a fix, mine are working now.

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Fixed. Crisis over. Phew!

I thought this was just mine! Nice. I’m back in business too.

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How do you reboot the device? Just unplug it?

Lil button on the side innit

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via the Google Home or Chromecast app too

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Button on side is factory reset, need to reinstall device if you use that (as I discovered last night).

Reboot thru Google home or unplug it.



I’ve had no problems

That’s because you’re magical.


Yer damn straight