Churches and hotels simultaneously bombed in Sri Lanka - over 300 dead, including Australians

The brutal thing about this is that it will probably gut the country’s economy, which after ten years of peace was pushing hard. Especially with the revelation that parts of the government had reasonably specific info that something like this was coming: start your conspiracy theories and inter-governmental squabbling.

More so than your average batch of mass murder, there are no winners here, and they knew that before they did it.

Easter worshippers?

Praying to the Bunny God?


Scrubbing Sri Lanka of the holiday list. I hope that people are ok. A bomb is probably the worst kind of violence.

What is the motivation for this? A bombing is nearly always a terror (aka political motivated) attack.

The Sri Lankan government put an immediate ban on social media after the attack.

The Sri Lankans pioneered the suicide bomb.

It’s going to be interesting to see who actually did this , because the Tamils are not just Muslim, many are Christian and as such have usually targetted Buddhist sites of the Sinhalese. It may indicate that the Tamil Tigers have split along religious lines. Or it may have nothing to do with them. The reports of international info prior to the attack may hint at this.

The scale of this attack is off the charts for Sri Lankan terrorism. (Or most other places, fwiw.)

Death toll is still climbing and has reached 300. Gut-wrenching stuff and a sad reflection on what is happening right around the world these days.

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Some reports that a home grown Islamic group (NTJ) may be responsible, and it’s founder has been named as one of the suicide bombers.

And yes, it appears this didn’t come as a total surprise. Goodness me:

“On April 11, Sri Lankan police circulated a document entitled ‘Information of an alleged plan attack’ which said they had been warned by an unnamed foreign intelligence agency that the NTJ was plotting suicide attacks on churches in Colombo.”

At least 2 of the dead were Australians (dual-nationality locals). That should kick the story on for another day or so.

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Easter worshipers, ■■■■ me dead.

Hillary please

Any wonder this hypocrite couldn’t even beat Trump.


It’s hypocritical to bash all varieties of mass murderers?


If only there was a single word for people celebrating Easter in a church. :thinking:

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Worshippers at Easter?

I guess the lack of the word Christian is odd once it’s pointed out, but I must admit I didn’t know what you guys were talking about for a while.

With all the extrajudicial spying Governments perform on the citizenry you kinda have to wonder why they don’t catch these guys before they carry out such atrocities.

Oh wait, that’s right, they’re too busy spying on the likes of us, activists and dissenters.

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There is a story going round that the tip off came from India, but because of the high level brawlings in Sri Lankan politics it was not shared. More disruptions in Sri Lankan politics, which suits ISIS guerilla war tactics. .

I went and had a chat with my neighbour on Monday. They are Sri Lankan born and I thought I’d see if all family and friends were accounted for. Thankfully all good.

But they are very sad. The war ended 10 years ago and they thought all of this was behind them. They’ll take a massive hit tourism wise.

The world is a crazy place sometimes.

FYI - 80% of the Tamils are Hindus. Rest follow Christianity and Islam. The Tamil Tigers were fighting for an independent state for Tamils.

They never had any religious intention and they never targetted foreigners either. They only targetted political interests… i.e. the Sinhalese government…but there was alway what people call the collateral damage. This is why most tamil people were not supporters of the Tamil Tigers.

People who target Christians and western foreigners are clearly the Islamic Terrorists, which is now been proven in this case too.

Apparently the Indian govt had specific intelligence attacks were coming and had warned their Sri Lankan counterparts. Perhaps due to the distrust between the President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka this did not get the attention it deserved.

I just saw the video of a dad talking about seeing his dead daughter and wife. Just devastating :frowning:

What a messed up world…