Churches and hotels simultaneously bombed in Sri Lanka - over 300 dead, including Australians

Anyone found guilty of any involvement in this attack, no matter how incidental, should be dipped into a vat of pig fat and then burnt alive.

Interesting. Baghdadi has just resurfaced in a video for the first time in many years and declared that the attack was revenge for Isis being kicked out of a village in Syria!! No mention of Christchurch revenge, even though there are reports that one of the Sri Lankans claimed that that was the motivation. Then again, ISIS kill more Muslims than non believers so perhaps Baghdadi saw no reason for revenge for that…

It need not be said that these people are literally insane. But the fact that he’s risked appearing again may suggest that ISIS is at physical breaking point and on the brink of becoming a notional nebulous inspiration rather than a real, physical entity. If he’s trying to suggest a local “cause” whilst those who actually did it claim totally differing motivation, then it reeks of desperation from Isis to be trying to stay relevant on the ground.

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Could also be that the government was sensitive to its economic interests with the Saudis and previous extremist Hindu attacks on Muslims

l saw a bit of footage in which he claimed the Sri Lanka attack was because IS has lost its territory, and he vowed to continue with the terror attacks. The IS leaders need to be hunted down.

I wouldn’t really credit ISIS with being directly responsible for any of the attacks outside of Syria & Iraq. They simply replaced Al-qaeda as being the symbolic inspiration for extremists. I don’t really think they are playing any actual part in the planning or execution but are more than happy to claim responsibility to get notoriety & hope it inspires others to spread the fear. They are more an idea now than an actual entity.

The first church Mohammed Nasar Mohammed Azar tried to blow up had already finished its service by the time he arrived. The Easter Sunday mass there had started early.

“He came in the car around 8:30 a.m., and they told him mass is over now,” said Bishop Joseph Ponniah, of St. Mary’s Cathedral in Batticaloa, eastern Sri Lanka. “Then he went to the next church.”

That timing mix-up saved the lives of hundreds of people inside St. Mary’s, who were already back in their homes by the time Azar walked through the church gates, intent on murdering everyone inside.

But his error proved catastrophic to the evangelical congregation of the nearby Zion Church, where he went next.

Are comedians having a benefit to raise money for all the massacred Christians in Sri Lanka?

Please, don’t be silly. It’s only when muslims are killed where they feel sorrow and anguish

Stop playing the victim card.
You too @IceTemple

The ChCh terrorist was born, raised and formed his views in our society. We feel some level of responsibility and heightened disgust as a result. The collective response reflects this.

And the main bomber that killed these kids was educated here and got his radicalisation here. So we are responsible for that too.


I didn’t say we are responsible. I said we feel a level of responsibility / heightened disgust because of who he is & where he came from. It’s all very close to home. Our response to ChCh vs Sri Lanka reflects this, not double standards over religion. You are better than this @IceTemple.

And this is where I am saying that this is not reasonable. One of the bombers is considered part of our home too and was radicalised here in Australia at our mosques so therefore there should be the same level of feeling. Add to that that over 200 people were killed then the level of response is pretty pathetic.

Just so you know a report that was recently published that the UK Gov sponsored shows that Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world at the moment and that societies in the Mid-East are being wiped out and moved on at an alarming rate. They are projecting that there will be NO Christians in most of the ME within 50 years at this rate.

What happened in NZ was horrible and disgusting and the response has been good.

I am saying the lack of response when 200 people were killed in SL was terrible and needs to be called out.

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I thought there was a strong response to Sri Lanka. I was travelling in Japan at the time, but followed it on several Australian sites where it was the lead story for many days. Perhaps it was different if you were here.

And the level of connection between the bulk of Australia & the two terrorists is nowhere near the same as I’m sure you know.

Anyway, I’m bowing out of this discussion, there is football on.