Closing the match day thread

Can we keep the match day threads open longer? Closing them immediately after the match encourages Blitzers to flush other threads with either ranting or bragging (depending on the result).

The first 100+ posts in the match review thread are mostly one or two sentence emotional responses.

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no. next

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Have a chat to the relevant posters…

Don’t have to worry about it next week; I expect to be out of signal range.

All that would happen is that half of those emotional responses would stay in the match day thread and the other half would still go to the review thread. No net gain.

I’d argue that would be a huge net gain for those who mostly avoid the match day thread.

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listen here mod man, when you close a thread you open the new one.

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I enjoyed @saladin sneaking in after @theDJR had closed the thread yesterday.


That’s not a demographic that anyone cares about.