Coffs Harbour 2020 pre-season camp

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I saw big Jimmy Stewart at a cafe near where I live. An extremely large and intimidating looking individual. Just hope he can get out on the park this year.


Those arms on Stewart,Hulk Hogan would be impressed


Remember what happened last time we went to on a beachside training camp and got huge? Hmmm…

Oh and Shiel… :eggplant: :sweat_drops:


If your not sleeping, your eating (?)

Terry Wallace says Essendon is the AFL’s ‘flakiest side’. Andrew McGrath hopes that’ll change in 2020

Andrew McGrath’s Essendon are hoping to be a more consistent side in 2020. Picture: Dylan BurnsSource: Getty Images

But Bombers young gun Andrew McGrath insists fans will see a more consistent brand from the club in 2020 as it attempts to break a 16-year drought.

Essendon squeezed into the top eight last season but was thrashed by the West Coast Eagles in its elimination final. That loss extended the Bombers’ September drought, with the club still without a finals win since 2004.

The Bombers showed glimpses of their best form last season with big wins over North Melbourne and Brisbane. But they also copped an array of heavy losses — they were thumped by Port Adelaide (59 points) and the Western Bulldogs (104) — that contributed to their disappointing percentage of 95.4.

Speaking on SEN Mornings , Wallace said the difference between Essendon’s best and worst footy was “a wider gap than any other side in AFL”.

Bombers coach John Worsfold will hand the senior coaching reins to Ben Rutten at the end of 2020. Picture: Michael WillsonSource: Getty Images

“Right where we sit at the moment, I think the flakiest side in the AFL from the most recent couple of seasons is Essendon,” Wallace told SEN on Monday morning.

“I go to Essendon games and I don’t know what I’m going to get – I can go along and suddenly they’re on and I see brilliance. Running half-backs charging down the ground, they’re playing exhilarating football and (Orazio) Fantasia and (Anthony) McDonald-Tipugwuti up the other end kicking goals.

“They can play scintillating footy and then I can go along and see them play at Marvel Stadium where they kick the first goal of the game and the Bulldogs kick the next 20.”

Essendon’s playing group is currently in Coffs Harbour for a pre-season training camp.

Speaking from the New South Wales coast, McGrath said Essendon would be a more reliable team in 2020.

“You’ll see a lot more consistent football from us,” McGrath told SEN Breakfast on Tuesday morning.

“I think our brand will stand up a little bit better and more consistently. We’re big at the moment on improving every day and working on our system and our team defence — we’ve really made a lot of inroads in that area.”

After a few players had pre-Christmas injury setbacks, McGrath said the entire playing group was in Coffs Harbour for the pre-season camp and anyone previously injured was “making big inroads in their recovery”.


Obviously nobody likes Terry Wallet but could anyone reasonably argue with much of that?


Maybe not, but for $20 and a free parking spot Wallet would almost certainly argue with himself.


As a team that constantly loses to bottom 4 teams, and celebrates finishing 8th like we’ve won a premiership.

Of course we are the flakiest side in the league… and have been for the last 10 years.


Not a great effort there from Terry.

The headline is supposed to be shocking to generate clickbait. People would read that headline, shrug their shoulders in agreement, and move on to the next headline.



Is that the buzzword of 2020? Better farking not be.


Terry didnt write the article. That was the boneheads from Fox Footy

What happened to “accepting mediocrity”?
Suddenly we’re the “most” at something?

On a slightly more serious note, Richmond & the Bulldogs are the two teams we haven’t beaten since 2014.
9 losses in a row to Richmond
5 in a row to the Dogs.


9 losses in a row? fck me thought it was less than that.

Hope we belt those fcks this year sick of rocking up to dreamtime watching Martin destroy us while Worsfold sits in the box staring into space.


We’s bean learnding the inrowds reel gewd.