Collingwood v Essendon Rd 17 - now fully ticketed

Heads up, this upcoming fixture is fully ticketed and on track to sellout shortly. If you’re planning on going, to avoid disappointment, buy tickets asap.

‘Q’ level in the Warne Stand selling quickly and basically all that’s left it appears.

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Collingwood home game…

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Correct, so most fans will need to buy a seat asap.

It would be so sweet to win.

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haha very good

would be our best chance at beating em in a while

Pies injury list is line ball for us,

Pendlebury 3 weeks
Mihocek 3 weeks
De Goey 3 weeks

@theDJR wont like this filth chat infiltrating the VFLW section of Blitz!

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For those who enjoy Pie pain, they tried unsuccessfully to offload their VFLW licence last year, and every single player bar one weirdo said ■■■■ YOU and left.

Side-by-side they stick together, indeed.


Do the pies need to have a team in the VFLW?

AFL membership tickets for that game go on sale on the 18th this month.


Is there any point to a GA membership now? You can’t go to half the games without paying again and even then you end up with a crap seat.


That’s the way the AFL wants it. And was also the reason that EFC moved to Docklands - so people would have to pay more when lockouts happened.

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Yes my cousin was one of the players caught up in it and left. To make it more laughable they lied to the players and made it look like nothing happened.

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Id love to stick the boot in but there must be a legitimate, rational reason when a club so rich its dripping in money doesnt want to invest its money any longer in a VFLW team.

Must be a money pit with no benefits gained by its AFLW team


Absolute money pit!

Ticket update - looks nearly sold out. I’d say the current release will be gone by today with further ticket releases potentially unlikely…

Essendon Vs West Coast - Also selling well and likely tracking to sellout next week. If you’re planning on going and don’t want to risk lockout in the GA, worth considering getting a seat for this game (just an fyi).

Todays attendance is 38,651