Coloured boots / white boots

I remember Kyle Reimers wearing bright orange (or was it yellow?) boots around 2012-13 (approx… was vs the Suns?) and the commentators making a big fuss over it.

Now it’s rare to even see one player wearing black boots.

But does anyone remember the first game they saw an AFL player wearing the now ubuiqitous white boots or even coloured boots? And which player was it?

White boots, Phil Carmen in a final against Hawthorn@ the G , maybe 78?

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Pretty sure Reimers was wearing coloured boots under Knights circa 2008.

Black boots are still the best :ok_hand:

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A mate of mine bought his son a pair for $300 in black.

12 year old son.

Id like to see them come out with brown boots

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Alan Didak was wearing white Predators in 2005. I remember because I thought they looked awesome and bought a pair for my last season of footy. Zero regrets, best boots I ever owned.

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Reckon it was Sammy Newman playing for Geelong a very long time ago with white boots.


Didn’t Dermie have colored boots in the 80’s??

I would love to see all our players wear black boots for home games and white for away games.

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@CSP88 Your thought is logical but in today’s environment not so practical as it would have to be enforced. As a former player I recognize that when you are down over the ball and then seeing the right coloured boots would help in choosing where to handball. Yes, good thought but it will never happen.

yeh mate, no way when players have footwear contracts.

would just look good as a spectator :grinning: