Comedy Festival 2022

DO NOT go to any shows @ Town Hall
No alcohol
Not as funny when sober

I went last week to Town Hall and there was alcohol

Saw Dave O’Neil Saturday night the European Bier Cafe, very funny

I think youve had just about enough ro drink anyway

Saw John [email protected] Town Hall
Very funny
Probably no grog a/c only couple shows

PS go on a site called Promotix
For tix from $6 for 2
If your lucky, eg Harley Breen tonite
2 tix for $7.95

Going to see Sam Campbell this year. Can’t wait.

Unfortunately all his shows are the exact same time as Aaron Chen. Otherwise would see him again too.

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I saw him a few years back.

He is very funny. And odd. Oddly funny.

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Any G&S fans seeing Andrew McClelland and Martine Wengrow tonight?

What did you think?

I ended up making a last minute decision to go see him last night.

He’s so off-the-wall that boy :rofl:

Great show.

I went to a live show of The Dollop podcast. The topic was the Victorian Police Force strike in the 1920s. Very funny. I look forward to the podcast version so I can hear myself boo when Gareth mentions a guy wearing a Green Bay Packers t-shirt.

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Loved it.

I can’t recall many individual jokes, but it was so frenetic and weird and funny.

Intimate crowd at Max Watt’s who all obviously were up for what he was putting down - generally pretty rapturous atmosphere.

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