Completed Trades FF Original 2018/19


Pimpinio Tigers trades Jarrod Berry, first round and second round to
Myrmidons for Matt Crouch, third round, sixth round.


Stoops trades Coffield, 8th round, 9th round to Awesome Scotty for Acres, Ling, 1st round and 4th round


Crazy Bomber trades his 3rd round pick
Dunlop for Rory Lobb


Crazy Bomber trades Travis Boak and 8th round pick
Fudge for his 1st Round pick, 3rd Round pick & 6th Round pick


You Shall Be Smoten trades Heath Shaw, Shaun Grigg and his Round 5 pick
Westozziebomber for his Round 1 and Round 3 picks


Westozziebomber trades his second round pick to fogdog for Jarrad McVeigh


Crazy Bomber trades Justin Westhoff & Jarryn Geary & Round 6 pick
The Mad Bomber for Jeremy McGovern, Round 1, Round 2 & Round 3 picks


Smoten trades Hawkins and an eighth round to Wim for a Third round.


Wim trades a third round pick to Dunlop for Smith.


Dunlop trades Heath Grundy to wimmera for Brayden Sier


Wim trades a fourth round to Blummers for Todd ‘fifty before half time’ Goldstein.


topdon trades Ollie Wines


fogdog for James Aish, Mitch McGovern and my round 1 pick


fogdog trades Matt Suckling to Fudge for Round 2 & Round 4 picks.


Huge, ground breaking trade coming…
CB trades Ben Stratton to Blummers for a round 8 draft pick.


Crazy Bomber trades Maverick Weller and a 6th Round pick
Westozziebomber for his 4th Round pick


Crazy Bomber trades Brody Mihocek and Harry Taylor
The Mad Bomber for his 4th round pick




fogdog trades Tim Kelly and Paul Seedsman


Wimmera for Matt Crouch


Dunlop trades Jarrod Witts & Pick 50
Allblack for Picks 15 & 33