Connecting with other Bombers fans from home during the game

I am a Bombers fan and I made a website after the awkward silence of the Round 1 games to connect sports fans who are watching the same game together.

So far the results have been technically successful, but without the level of user adoption I had hoped for. Fortunately we are starting to see a small number of crowds return, which made for much better sound in the showdown on the weekend than during our game against Sydney and many other games. Fake cheering for a draw!?

I don’t know how many of you watch our games from home like me - active in a number of whatsapp groups etc with my footy mates talking about the game. This is a bit more of what my website has been used to replace so far - a group of like-minded fans having more of a pub chat with a bit of cheering every now and then. Not the all-out stadium crowd replacement I had envisioned, but a success nonetheless.

Anyway, I don’t want to give up as I have had a lot of fun building the site and some really positive feedback from strangers. What I would really like though is to have a ‘crowd’ (20+ would be great) on a Bombers game. I am always going to be watching the games, often alone at the moment so an online crowd would definitely improve my viewing experience and hopefully for a few others here too.

The website is

I have temporarily removed the requirement to have an account for the game this weekend against Melbourne to try and make it easier for anyone on the fence to give it a go.

Happy to field any questions and take advice!



Bombers fan or tigers fan?

just jump on the match day thread here mate and go bananas


But I want to hear someone call the umpire a ■■■■, not read them calling him a ■■■■.

Ya ■■■■


Interesting - I created a team page for the Tigers last week as I was offered some free advertising in a Tigers forum. I just cleared the cache which should have removed this :man_facepalming:

Definitely go the Bombers!


could you imagine a live audio on here



Almost like a stadium… Well some parts of the stadium

Oh my.

I think I’d pay a subscription for that…


Haha now we are talking!

I think a few people would be surprised.

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@Deckham live video would be a different matter altogether. Bomberblitz OnlyFans…


Live Skype match thread.

Then we can all be irrationally on edge for three hours with actual sounds and pictures instead of just words!

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l will give it a go. Cheers and see you Sunday.


I think of it as a hands free forum :slight_smile:

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Why is it asking for my credit card details?

Just kidding. :wink:

Still on for the Blooos and Saturday night?
l’m in.
Who else?

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Well after a few days I am ready to talk about footy again. What a mess this weekend was!

Anyway, I have enabled guest access again for the game this Sat with Carlton. Pretty stoked that we didn’t lose as many players as rumoured so looking forward to good game!

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Link for today’s game is

Hope to hear a few bombers fans on!

Will be there.

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