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No idea where this should go, so a new thread covering the external reviews promise to address the disconnect between the Club and its fans. We’ve mentioned gradual falling away of the Clubs social media activity feeding into disengaged fans, the Club have heralded return of fans forums and other such things like family days.

Well, Richmond are running an open training session for its fans before Christmas. I wonder if Essendon will warmly encourage its fans to a pre Christmas training session get together? Here’s hoping…

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Engaging with fans is pretty simple. Wanting to do it is the thing.

Something as simple as delivering membership packs in a timely manner would greatly increase engagement across the board. Seems an easy fix for a big win, but, you have to want to do it.

Same with facilities at the hanger. It could have easily been addressed over the off-season had the want been there.


I agree to an extent. Absolutely spot on with wanting to engage.
Part of me wants to believe they want to do things with facilities for fans at the hanger, but it is worth noting that depending on the types of facilities there are significant delays and lead times on some suppliers and materials throughout the construction industry. I know of some things that have a 20+ week lead time

To be fair, these community days take a couple of months to plan for if you’ve only got a small Community engagement team (which I suspect we do).

I’d say we should give it a few months before we see improvements in this space, and to expand staffing resources.

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I think there has been some nice content being produced and put on the official website at the moment.

So that’s nice.


Winning a final would be the best fan connecting event this club could do.


I think we should stick with targets that are realistic.


fair call, 10th it is.


It’s an open training session. It’s not difficult. You do it with minimal effort. Get a food truck, open the cafe, set up barrister out front of cafe, autographs around boundary after training. Have a couple of interviews with a mic… Richmond can do it, so can we… Club needs to lift its game and get back to being for its members per its review finding…


Should be doing both. Engaging with fans and winning games. Like Richmond.

From what I understand, there is almost no Community Engagement team. Thanks to Campbell gutting the organisation.

The other clubs have rebuilt their organisations, now that Covid isn’t impacting operations. From my experience of partnering with AFL clubcommunity services, Richmond is back to regular staff resourcing. We are not.

Campbell shifted the responsibility of engagement to the marketing team…. Which is why everything is focussed on selling merch & memberships.

And for the record, a community day that hosts 1000 kids in attendance, it takes a mountain of work. It’s much more onerous than it looks.


Nothing says “community engagement” like access to free legal advice.


I was thinking maybe Lawry’s mate could help there.

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I’m in the win more games camp for fan engagement. Plenty of fluffy content floating about, most of which is not very interesting. Though I really liked the draft insight they did when we drafted Cox, Perkins and Reid.

Some interesting points. Still not a reasonable excuse in my view. Those points in theory coincide with the review finding the Club have slipped in this area, with lack of resources being a driver. Therefore if true, they need to reinvest in this area. Vozzo doesn’t start until 16/01, tbh it shouldn’t wait until then. I’m sure there’s enough bright sparks inside the 4 walls to scrape together something that resembles an open training session prior to Christmas.

We haven’t really heard from Brad Scott yet (excl AFL site). I’m really hoping the Club take us inside the first week of training this week with its socials to at least make some effort to bring us along for the journey. This, and an open training session week leading up to Christmas are the minimum a member oriented Club like Essendon should be aspiring to deliver. COVID’s finished, it’s time for the Club to come out if it’s apparent bubble.

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We had a training session yesterday and apart from a couple of twitter snaps we get 1 whole minute of footage. Not sure if this is just designed for the Gen Z Tiktok length content that they think we all want, but I think I probably speak for a few on here who would be hoping for quite a bit more…


That’s my point. It’s the start of preseason. New recruits arrive, everyone back. We have a new coach we’ve hardly heard from. And there’s a short clip of Davey and a few snaps on Twitter and Insta and that’s about it. I know we want to prioritise football, however we surely go to some effort to bring the fans along for the ride with a bit of engagement.

Check what other clubs are doing on their socials. Todays newspapers covering Carlton, Hawthorn, North and Collingwood. Tiny grab about stringer from EFC, something written up in The Age on Mongomerie I believe. We’re not really proactive. Just rolling the arm over. A few years back we led in communications and across the digital space…

This isn’t just something that’s been noticed the last month. It’s been the case in my view since covid. Essendon hasn’t re-emerged from the pandemic ‘open for business’ in my opinion.