Nope. It was all cut up. That was the best part :slight_smile:

What are the best parts? And where do you buy a goat?

I’ll let you know on part 1 of the question. There is this man in Adelaide who often organises meat sales. He had one recently where you could buy a goat for $99. So that’s what we did and we picked it up today.

I don’t know if all butchers have them but many would. I’ve never seen it at a regular supermarket. Only a Mediterranean one. Maybe Indian shops would also sell it?

The first time I had goat was at a restaurant in Kathmandu. Nepal is very much a third world country, but there are some wealthy people there. I was on an organised trek, and the first night of the trek we were taken to a very upmarket restaurant. They had a goat curry and it was absolutely delicious and melt-in-the-mouth tender. They also had beef and lamb and chicken.

Most Nepalis can afford meat of any kind only very rarely. I felt rather guilty being at this restaurant where there was plenty of meat of all kinds. It didn’t stop me eating it though.


I used to get cuts at a Halal butcher’s. African butchers would also sell it.
I’ve had goat salami

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Bloke I know was a mountaineer. He was on an expedition in I think the 80s in either Pakistan or Nepal. At one point on the long trek in, they bought a live goat to eat and it walked with them to a camp site. When they got there no one was prepared to slaughter it! My mate was a vego at the time, so he wasn’t going to eat any of it. But he was also a country Vic farm boy, so he slaughtered the goat!
Interesting guy - he established a heli-skiing business in Manali in Himachal Pradesh in the late 80s. Another mate and I backpacked through there in 1990, but it was off season so mountain man wasn’t there - he was back in Aus. He left a key at the expedition shop in town, and we got to stay in his traditional local hut. One thing I do remember was going down the market to see among the stalls a butcher, with bits of goat hanging in the open air, the odd fly on them. No refrigeration/ice at all. And there were scrawny/scabby chickens running around. We ate vego at the local restaurant! There were no flash hotels in Manali at all at that stage, although I gather that followed shortly after.


I stayed at the Orchid in Manali in about 2006, I think. A number of luxury hotels there now.

There were none really in 1990 and it was an issue for his business. He was getting choppers from Switzerland pilots etc and running posh euro/US skiers up to 12000 ft plus to ski untouched endless slopes. But the only accomm was basic. That changed quickly I gather.

All I recall was a restaurant called ‘Mayur’ (I think - it meant ‘Peacock’, apparently. I remember looking up at the lights. These were small window panes in the ceiling with light bulbs above. One time I watched as a rat - the size of a small rabbit and seemingly albino- white - padded around on the glass. No-one else noticed. I ate vegetable noodles, crunching on the multitudinous whole garlic cloves. Having seen the market butcher and the scabby chickens around town, I stuck to vego only -was great anyway. The paths up through town and in the fringes of the pine forest were lined with weed growing like weeds. Spectacular country.

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Mayur was going strong when I was there. Ate there one night, and was told at the time to only eat Vegetarian as you could never be sure of the meat?

Still going, probably still the same.

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Cross-posted from Appliance thread -

We are looking at getting our 1st induction cooktop and are wondering about a dual unit with one gas wok burner as we do a lot of stir fries. But it would be our last gas appliance, so it’s tempting to take the opportunity to ditch gas altogether.

How do people find using an induction cooktop for stir fries that would have been done using a wok over gas?

Not my direct experience, but you need to have the right cookware to get the best out of induction cooking.
Choice has a guide to the best cookware, including woks. Heavy cast iron could be the best.
(Just not note that induction cookers and pacemakers don’t go together)

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just try to stick a magnet to it if it sticks, the pan will induction

Goat curry.


Tasted good?


I used this recipe.


I did a couple of treks with Peregrine (as it then was) back around 2000. Garlic was thought to be good for dealing with higher altitudes, so garlic soup was a frequent menu item. (Meat was not.) I enjoyed it the first time, tolerated it the second time, and couldn’t eat it the third time. It’s an extremely strong taste when only lightly cooked and in abundant quantities.

Salad you make friends with…


My absolute favourite salad. Looks yum.

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Thanks. It’s another one of Nagi’s recipes so hard to get it wrong!

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