Cory Dell

If nothing else, his mark last year was nominated for mark of the round.


My internet is rooted so I can't be bothered waiting an hour for the other 2 to load but I'd say they have a reasonable chance of being better than his. Despite that, give him a vote.


As an aside, I do think he has a spot in the team. Alywn showed today why he is where he is (despite the whole "they're in the 2's, they are the saviour" mentality which virtually every player is slapped with at some stage), and Kommer also showed on a couple of occasions how he is pigeon holed. In other words, he offers a lot in certain areas but lacks a little bit of goal nous. What would you blokes think about elevating Cory come years end?



It’s hard to know with Dell at the moment. As a crumbing forward he may turn out to be good but with our otherwise dysfunctional forward line he hasn’t really had the opportunity to shine. Other than that he’s ok inside but lacks pace. I’d be interested to see him working off Joe D next season but I’m still not convinced.

Both Davey & Dell are pretty much poop. Both deserved their shot, neither really deserve another.

I'd keep Alwyn in, both for his 100 games, and because Dell showed jack-all in the magoos.

Bring Dell’Olio back.



Bring Dell'Olio back.

Bring Peeto back

Bring sexy back

He’s a bit too backy.

The VFL team really missed him today

Wtf Peeto :smiley: